my thoughts on the XDM 5.25.


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Here is my take on the XDM 5.25 after getting a few hundred rounds through it this morning. <cough cough> I'm still hacking up a lung from all that gun smoke.

I wouldn't say I am a novice shooter but I haven't yet shot my first USPSA. I plan to now that I have all the necessary gear. I am comparing this firearm to my expeirences shooting various other pistols including the XDM 4.5, S&W M&P, Browning Hi Power, Glocks and more.

I tried the various back straps, the middle one was a little too small, but the large one a little too big, I find I shoot best with the middle back strap and a glove. I'll either have to cut off the finger tips or really practice more with finger manipulations while wearing gloves. Recoil wasn't bad, there was almost nothing when wearing a glove on my strong hand.

I tried with various ammo including Winchester 124 gr and Federal 115 gr. I even tried some wolf because I had it laying around and I will say the 5.25 does NOT like wolf, nor should it lol. I doubt I'll ever shoot any wolf through it ever again. I just wanted to try. The XDM5.25 seemed to shoot best with the 124 grain. I intend to try more and various ammo at a later date at a longer range.

I zeroed the sights at 50' using the 124 gr. Out of the box the sights were waaay low and waaay left. I thought I was jerking the trigger (right handed) so I set the gun on a rest and slowly squeezed a few times making sure there was no way I was jerking. After 20 or so shots I knew the sights were just way off and so I adjusted. No big deal, I don't know why I expected them to be sighted in. <shrug>

I like the front sight, but think it's maybe a little big. I'm going to search for a smaller fiber optic front sight I have a red fiber on my SLP shot gun and just checked, the slp front dot is substantially smaller. My target was a 1" square at 25 and 50'. At 50' the bead completely covered my 1" square.

Speaking of trigger, I've got to do something about it. I don't plan on it yet, as previously stated I want to shoot a match totally stock so I have something to compare against when I start to add mods. The slack is just too much for my tastes. I just tested my BHP and there is alot less trigger movement before the snap with the BHP, and that's what I am most used to shooting. FWIW I put both triggers on my RCBS trigger pull gauage and each maxed out the gauge past 72 oz (4.5 LBS).

Overall I like the gun, I like the weight, I like the feel. I'm happy with my purchase but need more trigger time with the gun. I'll win no awards for this, but at 21' I shot a 6 shot group within 2" with the XDM. I'm going to try to take it to 25 yards next week and see what it can do and what ammo it likes the best. With my BHP I can not hit a 2'x3' paper at 100 yards with an offhand shot, I get pretty close. I wonder if I can with the XD 5.25.

After reading the warranty document. I am curious if anyone else has noticed that using reloads will void the factory warranty? Probably a standard line in every firearm warranty document, I've just never noticed before.


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For casual plinking he may consider the 4.5" XDM. it's less costly, and still a great gun. So what are the differences?

Well the trigger is the same. I think my first post made that abundandly clear. :)

The barrel is shorter but both are match grade barrels. However the XDMC (C is for competition) has an "ehnanced" match grade barrel.

The 5.25 also has a lightening cut in the slide, no not lightning you won't be zapped! This cut is to help the pistol cycle better.

The fiberoptic and adjustable sights on the xdmc 5.25 are also better than on the 4.5. However after market sights are easily added on after market.

I heard rumor the new XDM's aren't coming with the pistol case, holster etc... The XDM 5.25 comes with the case, 3 magazines, a paddle holster and a dual mag holster. So that's a bonus. Oh by the way last year Springfield was offering 3 free mags with a purchase of an XDM as a mail order rebate, but that rebate is no more. :(

If casual plinking is your game you might be better off with a 4.5". One must ask themselves if the $1-200 upcharge is worth it for the holsters, case and extra mags. Then again if you've got unlimited funds, go for the best, get the XDMC 5.25".

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