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I opted to join the Veterans and Guns forum and I received this reply from Canis Lupus:

Hi, I'm letting you into Vets and Guns as you applied, I befriend all I let in, done you good on a welcome to the group but I will not post this and recommend you don't either, some of our patrons have no love for "Terrorist" gun owner (????) as like me many on that group lost good men to mujahedeen, so leave that OFF my group or I drop you, I hope that is clear.


If you want to drop me, then do it. I'm not going to change my views so I can fit in for you. The reason I labeled myself a "terrorist" gun owner is in response to Jim Zumbo, who had his own TV show and plenty of advertisers to support him, until he opened his mouth about AR-15s, calling them "terrorist" guns. A lot of people (especially from banded together and got Jim Zumbo's show cancelled and his sponsors all pulled their money.

Oh, and do us all a favor, learn some posting skills. I really, really cannot frickin' stand to read your posts with thrown in color changes and the bolding of text for no reason. I hope that is clear.

Signed proudly,

"Terrorist" gun owner

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Μολών Λαβέ - This should be all of us
كافر , and proud of it - Don't the Imams call us this; and shouldn't we be proud?
European American, and proud of it - Let's stop the ethnic divisions and focus on being Americans?
"Terrorist" gun owner - If you mean "terrorist" in the sense that the Brady Bunch thinks of us, I understand, but in their eyes, "gun owner" and "terrorist" mean the same thing, so you are being redundant.
First off: "alienate myself from most, if not all members". Who's "most if not all?" Only person I see has a problem with my sig line and my response is you. And WTF are you talking about swearing away "that EU part?" You really need to get a grip, or alter your medication dosage...seriously. "Terrorist European Yank" and coming from a moderator of a forum. What a way to set the example!

Had I known you were running this forum group in the first place I wouldn't have joined, so you can do me the favor of dropping me from it so I don't have to look at your posts. Besides, from your responses I can see that this forum will have all of it's topics and responses directed by a "certain someone". Censorship at it's finest folks, and it's coming from an american vet.
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Thread Closure.

I ask that the patrons of Veterans and Guns restrain from posting more into this thread, the misunderstandings and lack of effective communication that led to it's creation have been resolved.
It would not IMHO be apporpriate to AAR this thread as the initiator
lacks the ability to respond here, so I ask for restraint please.
I ask Luke to consider deleting this thread when or if he sees fit, as unworthy of the climate Vets and Guns attempts to foster with all our members. I for my part apologize to all for reactive and aggressive posting.

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