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Here is a project I have been working on for some time now. Was going to wait till it was done but had some time to kill today so here it is. As you can see I have to finish one of the wheels (that is almost done). This was not a kit I made every part from rough stock. It will shoot a 50cal ball. Let me know what you think of it. My next project is going to be a 22cal fully operational Gatlin Gun.

The way things are getting around my neighborhood I could use that in my front yard.
I was on the same page as everyone else. How the hell do you conceal that and, what's the grouping at 7 yards? Hahah

Very cool.
That is amazing! I want one! For those who don't know, my avatar is my favorite firearm--our candy cannon loaded with rolos. Not nearly as pretty as your cannon, but nobody minds being on the firing end of mine . . . Nice work! :)
Thanks Mom, The prints are mine so if any one would like I will see if I can down load them for you.
Does It Come with a Speed Loader???

Does it come with a speed loader or do you have a New York Reload?

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