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I was involved in an MVA today ( motor vehicle accident). When they showed up, I gave them my licensce, cc card, and insurance. I told him I was carrying, and asked if he wanted me to secure it. He said "no". When backup arrived, he alerted the other to my situation, and said he had seen my card. That was it, they "blew it off" so to speak.

I thought it went very professional. Nice encounter. Hope if there are anymore, they go just as well.

Thanks for the concerns. That one makes 3 in 6 months. All a product of Blue-Hairs. They started my downhill slide.

1) 1st week of may - lil old lady turns left in front of us
2) next day - told we have 1 month to get out - friend wants to fix up house to sell
3) 1 wk after - took blood to work, girls in lab ran it - we are pregnant
4) 2 wks later, blue hair reaching for a fish sandwich goes left of center, wiping out my truck, trailer, and most of my furniture. ( fight w/ insurance companies suck bad !)
5) finally forced out mid June. now living w/ 3 dogs, 1 cat in a 35' 5th wheel camper
6) finally find house we love, place bid, guy backs out at last second because he now is getting divorced after 4 months marraige, and needs the house back
7) 1 wk later, wreck #3. blue hair hits me at a dead stop on the freeway. -

this now makes every vehicle we own that I have drive this year being in an acccident - what are the odds, eh?

Just as the song states - " I am the man, of constant sorrow... all through my days."

LOL - I try and look back and laugh. It is a little difficult at times. I DO want to take all the "depressed" people I see at work for psych eval's and sit them down, tell them my story, and tell them to get lost and come back when you have real troubles. I keep my head up, laces tight, and keep trucking. Nothig else to do.

But, that is how life is. Thanks for all your concerns, it will get better.. eventually. what a saga for my lil one that's comin' soon.

...................peace all, mot
mot, with your great attitude, things cannot but improve.

Keep on truckin!


Wow.Sorry to hear about your string of unfortunate incidents!A big congrats though on your news of a new arrival in the future.I can relate to the blue hair scares being that i live in florida,and have experienced some near misses myself in the last week.You have the right attitude though and things will get better.Best of luck to you and your family in your future endevours.:)
I have never been to FL and I tell my friends who ask as to why, I reply, "cause I aint got enuff bail money"!...and if I ever did go to FL, would be on a motorcycle..but with all the bluehairs down there, I really don't see it happening anytime soon, I choose to minimize my risk by staying here in AR!

Now, back on topic..since I have had my CHL, (longer than 10yrs) I have been pulled over 3 times...2 times were positive, one was so-so..the so-so one, the officer INSISTED that since I had a permit I had to have had a gun in the car, which I did not at the time. But he just knew I did and I insisted that I did not! He never asked to search the car and if he had, I would have declined...he was a rookie and I hope as he learns his job, he will be more respectful and sharpen his judgement skills.
I've lived in Florida for almost 30 years now, and ride a road bike on the roads about 5,000 miles a year. I seldom have a problem with the blue hairs; the only times I've been deliberately run off the road have been by testosterone-overloaded kids.

Oh, wait, my hair's turned blue...;)
Yep I always thought when retired you move up north and drive slow. I found out that it is more fun to stay here in fl. and drive the speed limit. Have always had good treatment from lawinforcement officers. Even when riding my bike and being stupid.

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