My newest gun

Lakeland Man

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Well, I just received my newest handgun. My aunt had this little Charter Arms .38 and she doesn't want it anymore so she gave it to me.

Here it is.

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Here are both of my guns. I haven't gotten a holster for the .38 yet. the .45 is my EDC weapon.

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Sweet, congrats on your new pet! May both your guns always be ready but never NEED to be used. :yu:

Lakeland Man

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The .38's trigger pull is smooth. According to my aunt, the gun has only had about 50 rounds through it. I plan to put 3 or 4 times that amount downrange this week.


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I just love the look and feel of small revolvers. I'm interested to hear that the trigger is smooth. I hope our range has one to rent.

Tucker's Mom

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Beautiful little thing! Our one and only revolver is the Ruger version of a Colt, nothing much at all like that...!!! Wow!


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congratulations on the Charter Arms.

They make descent guns. Enjoy.

Fudo.. Your also a left paw. Just like me...Guess we have much in common my brother.

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