My new XD45


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Went out running around at lunch today and look what followed me home.....


Thanks guys. I was looking at the XDm but it just didn't feel as comfy in my hand as the XD. So I decided to go with the normal XD in 45.

I'm going to go break it in and us it in the class I'm taking this weekend. Can't wait!!!
Congrats. I guess I have been doing my running in the wrong place. I am going to have to look into that. By the way I did have a dog follow me home for about 3 miles on a run once but no gun. :biggrin:
nice springfield, I just picked one up it, only complaint woulld be the handle is a little slick....just put a rubber slip on sleeve w/ a couple finger grooves....huge improvement!!!
Thanks guys! I'm going to the range tonight to break her in. I'm taking a class saturday with a friend and I think I'm going to us the XD then also. I'll let you all know how she performs.

I'm also going to order the springer trigger kit. Not sure if I'm going to use the springs yet but want to install the trigger bar and sear.

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