My new Sig Pistol....


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traded for my revolver at a gun show. I read lots of people say they have feeding and ejecting issues with this pistol and can be caused by not breaking it in, magazine or ammunition. Which of these issues would you say is the reason why most jammings occur? Also the feed ramp is mentioned that needs to be polished? I have loaded several clips and racked/ejected different kinds of rounds, FMJ, JHP and hornady critical defense and they all seem to feed/eject without any issues. I have not shot this gun yet but looking forward to it.. ANY INPUT ON THESE ISSUES IS GREATLY APPRECIATED SO I CAN LEARN THE ISSUES/PROBLEMS OF MY NEW GUN.


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I have had one stove pipe out of 305 rounds. It was my 7th round that piped. I chalk it up to user error. Been flawless since.


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That's a P238, right? I have not had any feeding issues with mine, as far as I can recall, maybe a stovepipe, which is generally caused by not shooting with a firm hold. Probably put 400+ rounds through it. I find it generally pleasant to shoot and accurate.


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hmm P238 it looks like.

There are some videos on youtube that explain the issue with misfeeding on p238 models.

I think Sig has fixed the issue. look them up and see, but if you are not having issues. Just shoot it until it starts giving you porblems. The model is new and with all new models there are issues.
good luck.

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