My new S&W .357


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S&W .357 Magnum 28-2 Highway Patrolman
From what I've read they stopped making these in 1986
I'm in love. I took it to the range today and it was a dream to shoot.


My first centerfire was a Model 28 with 6" barrel for which I paid the princely sum of $115 in 1969. In those days what with a young wife and baby any new gun purchase required a tradein. So like a damn fool I went to Montgomery Wards and fell in love with K-22(model 17) Masterpiece with 6" barrel, target sights, trigger, and hammer and oversize target goncalva grips. I received $75 tradein for my Model 28 and had to come up with an additional $40 for that high lustre blue target revolver What made me do it....Wards had 2 model 17's for sale, both mistakenly priced at $115. The target grade should have been $165. Probably the best deal I ever made... But was it? I had put Herrets stocks on the 28 along with a trigger shoe and shot that gun every week for two years. When it left me I didn;t own another centerfire for 3 years, and I never fired the Masterpiece because Ihad bought the best and wanted dit to remain pristine.. Was I wrong? Today that Model 17 hangs unfired in my 22 mahogany gun cabinet...absolutely beautiful, but all I ever think about is my model 28 which bit the dust for greed.:hang3:
A solid dependable revolver with an appropriate name for the time - Highway Patrolman. I think the little one is smiling because she is anticipating getting that gun when she grows up. :)
Saltcreek;98300 I think the little one is smiling because she is anticipating getting that gun when she grows up. :)[/QUOTE said:
Either that or: "My Mommy can take your Mommy!" (or "...your Daddy, for that matter!")

Nice gun.
I can't believe you are cheating on your 1911 with a wheel gun!!! I mean if you would have picked up a Kimber I would have understood but a wheel gun!!

LOL. That's a nice revolver and a fine addition to the collection.

And I think that smile on the little ones face is the....... "Yep that'll be mine one day.... Don't be jealous!" look.
she's already asked "Mommy when are you taking me to the range."
she's 5 and already knows the rules of handling a firearm better than most adults. :laugh:
Mommy is very proud.

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