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Picked up this beauty last night. Sig P226 9mm...Heart be still! Link Removed

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First you need a couple extra mags, and a 1000 rd box of ammo, then we want a range report by tomorrow night, LOL
You are going to love it. To me, the 226 can't be touched at the range or at home. It has the feel and heft of a precision machine. Looking forward to your first impressions at the range.
Well I've got a brick of 350 rounds to start me out but I can't get to the range until Friday. So until then, all I can do is admire it! I bought it new; set me back $850.

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Congrats on the new gun. Waiting to get to the range is PITA I had to do that last week when I picked up a new 1911
I ahve a couple og Sig's..and because the magazines are all black, i hhave a hard time sometimes keeping them, I broke out some white paint, rubbed it into the stamp on the outside of the magazines. As it was drying, i wiped it all off except what was in the grooves. Voile'! ILink Removed now can see what they belong to right away...

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