My Letter To The NRA Addressing The NRA's Support Of HR 2640

Dear NRA,

HR 2640, regardless of all the supposed good it will do, is still part of unconstitutional law. Supporting this bill is no better than passing any other unconstitutional law. All this bill does is increase the dependence upon unconstitutional law to supposedly prevent criminal activity instead of forcing law enforcement and the judicial system to keep violent criminals and the mentally incompetent or untrustworthy off the streets. Preventing crime is nearly impossible. Being armed to address crime as it happens is the best way to handle crime. This is one case where the ounce of prevention is worthless compared to the pound of cure that is needed to save lives and preserve property when criminals are determined to ply their trade.

It isn't up to us here in the NRA to provide for, or support, solutions to the judicial system that enables them to shirk their responsibilities to keep those adjudicated untrustworthy either institutionalized or imprisoned; or to execute those adjudicated as irredeemable and dangerous. The only thing NICS does is "allow" the court to release dangerous criminals from prison by forcing everyone to pass a background check before they can buy or carry an arm in the hopes that the NICS will keep arms out of the hands of the violent criminals. We all know how well that works, don't we!

I seriously considered no longer supporting the NRA when it comes out in favor of such misguided endeavors as the NICS. But then I remember it's MY National Rifle Association. I would rather address the internal solution - that being the firing of all those who voted in what ever committee or executive session that made the decision to support this bill.

Please forward to me the names and positions held of all employees of the National Rifle Association who had a hand in the decision to support HR 2640. If you include the names and positions of all members of any such committee or executive board, please include how they cast their votes so that I may be able to single out those who voted in support of this bill. It is my wish to mount a campaign to vote these people out of their positions, and to campaign for NRA members who will support the Right to Keep and Bear Arms AS PROTECTED by the Second Amendment to the Constitution for the United States of America.

Bruce Wood

CC: TheHighRoad, USA Carry


Be careful who you choose to stand behind and support. If you are unwilling to take care of yourself, you must take whatever care that comes along. I've yet to see a flock of sheep, no matter how well cared for and tended, that doesn't get fleeced from time to time and eventually end up on the dinner table. Not many sheep die a natural death. B.E. Wood


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What a great letter! If it's OK with you, would you mind if I wrote them and referenced your letter as expressing my feelings as well? I'm an NRA Life member and I'd like to stand with you on this position.
Ektarr - And Anyone Else For That Matter

Go ahead; and, in fact, please do!

We are always encouraged to vote. We NRA members have a vote in the selection of the NRA heavies. I plan to exercise my privilege to vote to replace those who do not support or abide the Second Amendment to the Constitution. Surely, if enough of us request the names of those who supported HR 2640, the NRA staff just might honor our request.


"I pledge allegiance to the rights that made and keep me free. I will preserve and defend those rights for all who live in this Union, founded on the belief and principles that those rights are inalienable and essential to the pursuit and preservation of life, liberty, and happiness." B.E.Wood


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By signing up for alerts at:
"The only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington."
-Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX)

I have been all over H.R. 2640 and anything that Carolyn McCarthy sponsors or brings up she became a politician just to push her personal gun control agenda...
As Has Chuck Schumer, and Dianne Feinstein these three are the biggest anti-gun members of congress...

backed up by the two biggest left wing nut jobs in congress that support anything they submit or sponsor...
Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid

When these anti-American anti-gun zealots come up for re-election THEY MUST BE VOTED OUT!

Remember these names and pass them on to your friends and family, peers etc., that value their right to self-preservation...

Keep track of how our representatives in Washington vote...

Make sure they know when they vote right or wrong...

Register to vote if you have not already and vote in ALL elections, big or small...


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Ron Paul - Second Amendment is under attack...
"In my opinion, HR 2640 is a flagrantly unconstitutional expansion of restriction on the exercise of the right to bear arms protected under the Second Amendment," he said.
Great letter, I hope you get a response. If you do let us know please. I've written several times and don't always receive an answer.


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That was a fantastic shot fired across the bow. Will they dare to ignore it? Or maybe more to the point, will they dare to address it?


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Sent to NRA/ILA today:
An acquaintance of mine, Bruce Wood, wrote the following letter to you, stating it better than I can. He speaks for me, and I include it here to echo the sentiments:
Followed by your letter, in full. Thanks for letting me tag along.
I haven't heard a word. I think I'd better send my message in the form of a letter/snail mail. I do believe they ignore the "send a message" thingie.


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