My Kimber won't stop rusting!

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Hey guys I tried searching but didn't come up with anything in depth- so I'd like to offer we make an in depth discussion on guns rusting when you carry them. :)

To start, my Kimber (purchased new about 5 months ago, carried in a standard leather Galco IWB) started to rust where the holster created wear marks on the slide. I continually wiped it off with Break-Free and it eventually got out of hand. Now there is a large amount of rust that I have to clean daily off of the slide, and my slide is now pitted on one portion of the edge. I have tried cold bluing to touch it up which works well, but the rust will come back in a day or two so I've given up on even trying to touch up the slide. I just keep removing it and it keeps coming back!

Part of the issue I know is the leather holster. It just sucks the light film of oil right off the surface, leaving it bone dry. Aside from sending it off to get ceramic coated, what else can be done to put a STOP to this issue? I'm seriously considering getting the pistol refinished and then selling it, to drop more cash on a stainless model. I live near the ocean and work about 150 yards away from it, so the rust is prevalent here.

On another thread, a suggestion was made concerning the use of Johnson's Paste Wax to stop rusting as you describe. Apply a light coat and buff off as much as you can. the remaining film shouldn't soak into the holster as quickly, and should provide the moisture protection you need.
I don't own a Kimber personally but a couple buddies that do always complained of them rusting very easily. Only the said the trigger housing was what rusted on theirs.
It seems to me that if I were to buy a kimber and it continually rusted I would be pretty pissed. Especially when they cost as much as they do...I never need to wax my glock :) and I can probably buy TWO for what that kimber cost new...
Reason #234235 to live in Arizona, no Rust! I sympathize with your situation though, I would HATE to have anything happen to my PC II. Good luck finding a solution. If you can't, The housing market and job market in Phoenix are really good in Phoenix right now. ;)
If you live on the coast, I would recommend stainless, or plan on past wax or get nickle or other coating. Glock is another option, just not mine I am a colt fan. Peace, Love, Colt 45.

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