My Kimber is gone.

Ryan H

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I have two cars, one with a broken trans and just blew the head gasket in my other car. I'm a mechanic so its not a big deal, but with the economy here/hours getting cut, I had to sell something valueable to quickly pay for parts... That meant something that would sell quickly and raise a fair amount of money.

I'm extremely saddened to report that I have sold my beloved Kimber Custom II. It has hands down the best shooting handgun I have ever owned... after waking up this morning to my .380 and my .22lr pistols, I feel very empty without my trusty, accurate, and very handy full size .45!

When I'm back on my feet however, I do plan on offsetting this deep-reaching loss by putting a DS Arms FAL on layaway! I haven't owned a rifle in a very long time, and this is just a really cool rifle that serves multiple purposes. Wish me luck! I have come to terms with carrying the .380, as I'm confident with it now and sure it can do "the job" if need be.

Sorry to hear that, Ryan - as it's a brutal time in this season of "hope and change"... praying your recovery is swift, complete and grand! (No luck required.)
That sucks! Had to be hard to let that go. Then on top of that replacing a blown tranny or head gasket isn't exactly a fun job either.

Look on the bright side! This'll pass and you'll be able to buy a brand new Kimber! :biggrin:
I have been there and I know how hard that can be. But you will pull out of this and that new Kimber is right around the corner. Tell you what next time Im at the range I will put some down range for you.
I feel your pain. Tough times have come and gone for me, too, resulting in the loss and sometimes re-attaining of select firearms. It always sucks.
What sucks about having to sell firearms, is the fact that all the ones I own are ones that I really really enjoy having!
Really tough. I think I would have to just buy a few really good pairs of walking shoes. :biggrin:
Is alright, the car will be fixed approximately by Thursday and I'll be sticking that FAL on layaway! haha!

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