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I bought my P40 for my 21st birthday last year in April. I waited the standard 3 day wait for it and was stoked when it arrived just in time for me to take it home.

The fit and finish was excellent and the trigger was silky smooth. Me being a small guy (5' 7" and 140 lbs), this pistol is a dream for me to hold. I took it home and learned how to take it apart and got a good feel for how everything in it works. I gave it a good scrubbing to get the test ammo powder out of it and even took apart the mags and cleaned those.

It was time and I was thrilled, like every gun owner when the time comes to fire your new weapon.

I loaded up the mags with some American Eagle FMJs for a good initial 50-round shakedown. Set up my target (lived in the boons, I miss shooting in my own yard!) and got ready. The first round hit the bullseye. The second round hit the bullseye. Every round was either a bullseye or close to it at 10 yards... Not one single hiccup. The recoil was extremely manageable for such a small, lightweight pistol as well!

I took it inside for a quick strip down and cleaning since I like to keep 'em clean during the break-in period. I went through 400 rounds that day without issue.

Now if you've read this far, you will have gotten the hint that I was extremely impressed! Onto the bad.

The time came to show the pistol to some friends. We had a little hootnanny (hah, what a fun word) one day at the house and of course, all I've been doing is bragging about this gun. I hand it to my friend with the slide locked back along with a full mag. Let the problems begin! Well, he doesn't end up making any considerable marks on the target at 15 yards. He hands it to our other friend, who repeats this feat. Bullets ALL over the paper. I take it and try again, same thing. The accuracy has suddenly taken a big dump. I field stripped it and cleaned it and oiled it. I inspected it for damage and everything seemed in order so I tried again, going reaaaaal steady. The marks improved, but still nothing comparable to before. I, as well as my friends, were let down.

I later discovered the magazine followers had all shattered to pieces, and it was time to go back to Kahr. Their customer service was alright, they arranged for FedEx to come get it and it was returned to me in about 3 weeks later with two extra magazines "for my troubles". They had replaced the barrel, "polished the extractor", and replaced all of the followers/included some extras. They had a bad batch of polymer from their supplier for the followers and were steadily dishing new ones out to people (or so said the CS rep over the phone).

I cleaned it up, brought it outside and tried my hand at another target at 10 yards, a soda can. I hit the can 5 times out of 18 rounds. At this point I'm wondering if it really is my own doing, so I went inside and grabbed my G22 and GP100, and they shoot the can JUST FINE at 10 yards, go figure! I pick the P40 back up and fire some more, only this time the pistol is failing to go into battery completely every couple of rounds. The slide would hang up at the very last few MM's of travel and I would gently "thumb" it forward the rest of the way. To top it off, another magazine follower broke AND now the mags are dropping after every shot fired.

I called Kahr once again, obviously LIVID at this point. It gets sent back way later because I was in the process of moving. It came back in 3 days this time with a note saying they replaced the entire upper half of the pistol, the magazine followers, magazine catch, and magazine catch spring. I sent them an email asking why, and the answer was that the barrel was "excessively peened, which destroyed the slide". Until this time, I had no idea what "peening" was and had to look it up, but once I found out it made sense to me.

I cleaned it up once again and took it to a friend's house. I was actually helping him move out and he shoots on that property all the time, so we fired just two test shots, which of course isn't much but just those two shots proved to be one hell of an improvement because I nailed two bottles at ~20 yards or so with the two shots. I think the accuracy is back for now, but who knows how long that will last..

I will of course update this later after a full evaluation.

What you are probably wondering is, "Do you trust this weapon now?"

The bottom line is, quite frankly... "Yes."

It sounds like their customer service treated you well. That's always important. I have never had a glitch with my Kahr. Don't give up. I think it will be fine.
Don't give up just yet......

Sometimes manufactures don't know why there pistols are failing they just collect em and replace what might be the problem. So sorry for your experience, I have had a cw45 and now a tp45 both having some hiccups now worked out. But you might have some problem that the co. might not understand or see so take it apart and see if any thing is lose on the slide is hitting a follower,ect. The new plastic they use may be more sub par and not know it. I do know that there was a piece of metal on the slide on certain models would cause unrecoverable jams, ect,ect. It seems to me that something else is the issue, and without seeing I can not began to estimate, I always carry a bug, or backup but I do recommend a bug till you can call it 99.5% reliable. Good luck and let us know>
I honestly think the peening issue was the problem the whole time, they just never caught it when it went back the first time. Time will tell! The gun hasn't failed to go "bang" yet however either way..
Kahr Service

I purchased a P45 last year and had some problems with it, light primer strikes, mags falling out. After the forth trip back they finally sent me a complete new gun. It was a hassle, in NY, to go through getting my permit amended again but I like shooting this little guy. I also fine it to be quite accurate. I spoke with Kahr's service technicians several times through this process and they were always respectful and courteous. I've about 500 rounds through the new P45 so far without a hiccup. I consider it reliable enough for defensive carry. Good luck
Just a note to anyone who is thinking about buying a Kahr. I purchased a CW9 that was made about three months ago new from buds guns. The problem is not with BGs but with Kahr.
I took the gun to the range and every other shot the mag fell out and it was not me hitting the MR. I called Kahr and they did send an all metal one to replace the plastic one. I refitted it and that seemed to take care of the problem as it did not happen again, but I then took the CW to the range a third time and the recoil spring broke. I called Kahr and was told I would have to send it back to Kahr on my dime. So to put it in simple terms I had to pay 20 dollars to send the gun back wait 6 weeks for them to look at it for a 2 dollar their cost 8 dollar my cost RS.

Now I will contrast that with two other problems I have just had this week, One of my Smith and Wesson M&P mags was not working correctly and was over stripping the round. I called Smith and they did not even want a serial number, they just said, whats your address and one is on its way. WOW thats service :shock:

The second example of great CS is Glock. I have a 19 2nd gen from about 95 that I purchased new, put it in my safe and have not even broken it in. My brother called me and said he was getting two Glocks and that he had been reading that the guide rods made of plastic seems to be a problem to some owners. I then went to the safe and checked my GR and it was missing about half the round plastic circle that holds the spring on in the rear and fits into the grove of the lug on the bbl. I called Glock and said its and old gun but I really have not shot it, they did not care it was what is the serial no, and one is on its way hope this fixes the problem.

Contrast this CS at Smith and Glock with that of Kahr. I called a third time to Kahr to see if I could get a different agent as maybe this guy with a heavy English accent was just having a bad life. I got him every time and asked why he always answered the phone. He said he was one of two techs for all of Kahr. Well that answers that question. Next I told him I was shooting RAM ammo and was told to stop right there that any reloads void Kahrs warranty. I asked him if it would work for Kahr if I bought two and used them as book ends, if that would keep the warranty alive and well. LOL.

Kahr seems to be loosing their edge as this great company that pays attention to detail and makes a great gun to one that has horrible to non existent CS and guns with problems. To give full disclosure I did have a previous problem with the CW, and Kahr did send me a replacement mag catch all metal that took care of it or at lasted seemed to as I did not get to shoot as much to test it out before the spring broke. But they also have had a lot of problems with this as far as I can read on line although they will most likely not admit it.

So if you are looking for a Kahr, you may want to consider something else. As for me I am going to replace the spring with a wolf spring from midway and then sell it and buy a M&P c or G26, which I should have done in the first place.

PS, I don't have photos of the Kahr spring. I disassembled it at the range and threw it in the garbage bbl. I know I should have kept it, but who would have though that Kahr would have reneged on their product over a 2 dollar part?

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