My house was just buzzed by a flight of 4


God Bless Our Troops!!!
4 F-15C Eagle fighter jets from Eglin AFB just made a low pass over my house on the way to a flyby for a ceremony.

They were already set up for the MISSING MAN formation and it sends chills down my spine every time I see it.

I spent 20 years working F-15s and I am almost moved to tears to see them carrying on in such a proud tradition.

Thanks You fellow USAF crewdogs and pilots for working so hard on your day to let the public know how professionals show respect and doing it with style.

WELL DONE!!!!!!!

I am lucky enough to have, every once in a while, a FLT of A-10 WartHogs fly over head here, and they fly low! Even got a quick salute from a pilot once..our guys are the GREATEST! They fly out of Ft Smith AR
Our local air guard unit is about to deploy to Afghanistan and they've been flying a lot of missions lately around the area. I was out fishing in my kayak last weekend, heard them coming, and suddenly two F-16s popped up over the far hill, down into the valley, and then up over the next hill. Very cool.

We always see a lot of A-10s when we go to the Adirondacks every summer. According to the local folk, they do a lot of simulated gun runs on cars and boats. Very cool stuff.
You get a lot of that here in Nevada too!!!!

I was coming through Tonopah last week, and was watching several aircraft flying in the training zones!

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