My first try at Parkerizing.

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Some of you saw my LLama MinimaX 45 in my thread about the new Kydex holster I made for it. Link Removed It was in rough shape. It looked like someone spray painted it with Black paint. It was definitely not DuroCoat. I decided to try parkerizing it.


My LLama had seen better days.


Sometimes I can get good pics with my camera and most of the time I can't.


It actually turned out better than I expected. Nice dark military color. Just what I wanted.

nice job

looks real good. from what i can see it looks professional. how do you do that, what different colors, and where do you get the stuff? if you don't mind.:D
The trigger is the same as the rest of the firearm. It still had a lot of oil on it when I took the pic making it reflect.

Actually it's very simple to do. I stripped it down and sand blasted all the parts that I wanted to parkerize then soaked all the parts in Acetone over night. I used Lauer Zinc Phosphate Parkerizing Solution from Midway. Link Removed This product will make 5 gallons of solution. I have a 12"X8"X4" stainless steel pan and put in on top of a Propane Turkey Fryer burner. You must use stainless steel to heat the solution. Mixed 1 gal of distilled water to 2 cups of Zinc Phosphate, heated it to 170-185 f. Once at the correct temp You have to put a pad of coarse steel wool in the heated solution for 30 minutes. Take out the steel wool and suspend the parts in the solution. I used stainless steel safety wire, worked great. Once it stops fizzing on the parts about 15 to 20 minutes it's done. Take the parts out rinse in cold water, dry and soak them in oil.

After doing my 45 I had an old WWII M1 Garand receiver that the parkerizing was worn off completely to the metal. I figured I'd give it a try. I degreased it and put it in the solution for 30 to 40 minutes and it came out perfect! The color matched my D-Day barrel I picked up a couple weeks ago. I couldn't believe my luck since it's almost impossible to match to old parkerizing. All in all I'm extremely happy with the results I got. The pics don't do the 45 justice. It looks like new in the box now.

Hell I think it looks great. Wanna try it on a Glock 19 slide? Hahaha
If you are ever in my neighborhood let me know. I'd be glad to drop it into the tank! ;)
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Good job, bro

I love it when I see another DIY 'smith. When I get accessories or new/improved parts, I insist on doing it myself, even if I have to do it twice:rolleyes:. As an aside, all of my guns function flawlessly and all have been personalized in one way or another. :cool:

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