My First Deer Hunting Attempt


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Well, I went up to TN last week to spend Thanksgiving with my Girlfriend and met her family. It was a great Thanksgiving lots of great food, including deer meet mmmmm. After the eating was over my Girlfriends dad says "So I hear you've never been hunting and want to try it out." I've always wanted to go but just haven't had the opportunity to. So I jumped on this one! Here dad and bro outfitted me with some boots, clothes, jacket, and a Remington 700 chambered in 25-06 (My mossberg 500 18.5" or AR15 just isn't the best deer rifle). At this point we headed up to there clear cut then myself and her cousin went down to the blinds a few hours before sunset. We sat there...... and sat there...... and sat there..... Man was it hard to stay awake with a full belly of turkey!!! Well, the sun set and it finally got to dark to see through the scopes so we headed in. Score one for the deer and notta for me. One of her uncle's a few miles from us did take a nice 8 point that night. Even though I didn't see anything I had a great time. I think my heart was pumping the entire time knowing at any moment one might pop out of the brush. They invited me back before the end of the season and may just have to take them up on this. Now that I've had a little taste I want to take my first deer.

Here is a pic before I headed out. What a newbee! lol

Nicely Done Newbee...

"We sat there...... and sat there...... and sat there..... Man was it hard to stay awake with a full belly of turkey!!!"
Nicely Done! Sure It is sweet to bring home that Buck, But It is had to beat Friends and family time like that.

Hang in there, your turn will come.
Took me 7 years of sitting & getting cold to shoot one. Count your blessings that you have a good opportunity there. I finally married a girl whose family is about the same as what you got....I can finally hunt when I want!
Thanks guys. The whole trip was a ton of fun and even though I didn't see anything that round it was a great experience.
Glad to see you had your first deer hunting experience even thou you didn't see anything. wait tell the first time you see a deer if your able to make a shot or not the heart pounding leg shaking that you can't stop starts, you will be hooked. 7 years of shotgun hunting and over 20 of bow I have only taking 5 deer. seems like 80% luck and the rest is being in the right place at the right time.
Bingo DJ58!!! Hunted every day of the gun season without so much as seeing anything, (other than a few way, way out), until the last two days of the season. Took a nice doe each of those days but if you add up the hours spent in the blind, I would hate to estimate the number of hours per deer. All worthwhile when you do get a chance to squeeze the trigger. Tread carefully cause it is addicting and can be expensive, (like our other chosen hobbies):rolleyes:

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