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Since no states have been added to our list I decided to email th AG for information. Here is what has transpired so far.

Questions on H. 3212

My name is Fred xxxxx and I'm the Commander of Laurens County Disabled American Veterans Chapter 52. Being active in our 2nd Amendment rights I try to keep up with all the laws concerning CWPs and keep veterans in our chapter updated. From what I read in H. 3212 , the concealed weapon permit (CWP) recognition/reciprocity bill, the only change I saw was to take SLED out of the State reciprocity decision making. I assume that you would be the one making our reciprocity decisions for us since the bill didn't specify who would. My questions are first am I correct in my assumption and when can we expect an update on our reciprocity list? If possible what states are being considered?


This what I received today...

From: Office of Attorney General user [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, July 23, 2008 10:04 AM
To: Fred
Subject: Re: Questions on H. 3212

Your correspondence to the Attorney General's office has been referred to me for response.

South Carolina has established reciprocity with nine states: Alaska, Louisiana, Michigan, Ohio, Texas, Wyoming, Tennessee, Arkansas and North Carolina. The State Law Enforcement Division issues concealed weapon permits and administers gun laws. They determine with which states SC establishes reciprocity. Should you wish to contact them, you may do so at the following address:

State Law Enforcement Division

4400 Broad River Road

P.O. Box 21398

Columbia, SC 29221


Link Removed

I hope this information is helpful.


Constituent Services

What outdated dribble! It's pretty darn bad when the AG's office can't reference current law! My response...

Thank you for your response on my questions, however the referenced SLED information is extremely out of date. SLED has never updated the information. First we have established reciprocity with twelve states not nine: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, Tennessee, and Wyoming. The information about duty to retreat was changed with the passing of the "Protection of Persons and Property Act" "Castle Doctrine". Link Removed See ARTICLE 6. Also the requirement for SLED to determine which states SC establishes reciprocity was changed in H. 3212 signed by the Governor and with the effective date of 6/5/2008. Under this new bill South Carolina Code Section 23-31-215(N) it removed SLED as the determining agency. Link Removed Since no action has been taken to establish reciprocity with new states it appears that this program is in limbo since the House and Senate didn't specify who would be the establishing agency. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


This is just what we (GrassRoots Gunrights) predicted.

If we had the support of more gun owners in SC, our bill would have passed, not the Jake Knotts abomination that made it through. Our bill would have made SC a recognition (NOT RECIPROCITY) state - meaning that we would have recognized ALL CWPs from ALL STATES.

As a sidebar, the NRA stabbed us in the back on this, as they have several other efforts in the past to correct the onerous restrictions and SLED imperialism...

The NRA has an important function to fulfill... however, in SC, they have consistently stymied our efforts to make our laws better. As my sig line says, I'm a life member, instructor, and RSO - and therefore am allowed to criticize. If you want real reform, then GrassRoots is the only way to go.

GrassRoots South Carolina - Our Goal: Citizens carrying arms whenever and wherever they choose.
Keep after them on this... I have it on good authority that once S.C. recognizes Florida then they will do the same.

See my question from about a month ago. The person at the Dept of Agr. in Florida said someone from Sled had contacted them in June to get info on their requirements... So, I'm thinking SLED is still the ones the AG has 'told' to take care of this....

Thank you for pushing this Red Hat... come up to Greenville sometime and we'll shoot some paper... I'll supply the ammo.
This is a post from a thread in a different fourm.

SC CWP RECIPROCITY Update - DefensiveCarry Concealed Carry Forum

Called SLED this afternoon to check on Restiprocity and the new list when SLED is done will be as follows

Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, Tennessee, and Wyoming, Florida(working on as we speak) Conititkit(sorry for spelling), West Virginia, Virginia(state grants carry already) Kentucy, Nevada, Idaho

it appears that they are waiting on the final paperwork for all of these states before announcing but should be very shortly.
I'll be hoping they recognize Florida Non-Resident Permits. That's what I have and it'd be nice to be able to carry in my newly-adopted home State prior to my actually getting a SC Permit.
This is a post from a thread in a different fourm.

SC CWP RECIPROCITY Update - DefensiveCarry Concealed Carry Forum

it appears that they are waiting on the final paperwork for all of these states before announcing but should be very shortly.

That would be excellent from my point of view, I hate that SC is the only state between Florida and Pennsylvania except DC & Maryland where my Florida permit is not good. (No ones makes it in DC & Maryland). And of course Florida pretty much says if we can play in your state, you can play in ours.
That's great news!

It looks like the AG is not going to email me again. I haven't heard anything from them.
I just wish SC and GA would play nice - It's sad that we have to get a NH permit just to carry in GA!!!
I wish there was a way to sit down and have a heart to heart talk with the law makers that serve on the committee.... my impression is that a number of them are afraid of the citizens and don't trust them... they are more into giving the government as much power as possible and taking as much away from the citizens as possible....

One example is last year discussing changing the car carry laws so a person could have a handgun under the front seat... and 'they' talked about how dangerous this would be for law enforcement.... WHY?

First, I have not even a thought of doing an LEO harm that pulls me over...
Second, even if I did (was a bad guy) the existing law or even more restrictive laws is not going to mean diddle to me.

Maybe I'll try to get something from the AG... the problem is you can't mail them a letter anymore... I think it takes something like 6 weeks for 'them' to decontaminate it, before it can be read.
As for the handgun under the front seat I am totally against that. Too easy for it to slide out under your feet and interfer with pressing the brakes. Years ago I had that happen with a bottle and learned my lesson thankfully without a wreck. Nothing goes under my seat that can possibly slide.
I can't imagine SC is actually waiting on anyone else.....

I can't wait till WV is added. I wish it had been prior to my vacation....

It will be nice, but sure is slow...

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