my cat is destroying the venetian blinds


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He's Byron, about 6 months old, and a great cat, very friendly. Just neutered him and hoped he'd be less of a hellraiser, but he's still breaking stuff.

Whenever I leave the windows up to let in fresh air but the blinds down for privacy, he always sticks his head in the left side and bends the ends off the blinds.

Any advice besides the obvious?

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On the other hand, get another cat . . . 2 are more than double the fun of one, anyway, and it'll give the li'l dickens something else to draw his attention away from the blinds.
Shades. Good idea. BTW, we got Byron with his sister, Shelley. MOST of the energy gets expended on each other.
"Byron"? "Shelly"? How . . . literary! I once met a girl whose name was Shelly Keates. Always wondered how many people that got by.
You'll have to name one of Shelly's kittens 'the monster'. :)

Well done... :o

She's not fixed yet, but her turn is coming. The monster will probably come from another litter I guess... My wife loves these cats so much I doubt she'd object to another.

I want a dog as well, eventually. We don't have a perimeter guard as it is, and I don't like it this way.
My wife and I have pretty good kitties. One likes to eat our shoes if we leave them out. We had a similar problem before though. We (not because of the cats) replaced our plastic blinds in the living room with roman shades. We leave them pulled up slightly. I put the heavy thick plastic (fake wood) over the door. They haven't hurt those yet.

Good luck.
Cute kitty

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