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A friend just gave me a new S&W 9ve. :no: It is a nice gun but the trigger pull is about 20 lbs. Is there a way to reduce this pull?

I checked with a local gun shop ( town gun in collinsville, VA ) and they said it has to go back to the factory to have it done and then they told me they would not ship it because of insurance reasons. they told me the reason for such a heavy pull was because of the lack of a slide safety.:angry:

I then mentioned a possible trade and they insulted me in saying they would only give me $100.00 towards a trade. Thgis gun has only had 5 shors on it. I have the box, 2 extra clips, belt holster and a clip holder. I guess they don't want the business seeing as how they do 95% of the Henry Cty Sheriffs business.

Maybe I should quit crying and go about my business.



2 ways of lessening the trigger pull. you can take it to a gunsmith for a trigger job, i've heard of people getting 6lb pulls from doing this. they just replace the return spring. or you could put about 500 rounds through it which would have the dual benefit of breaking in the spring and strengthening your trigger finger. would also be a lot more fun. my first pistol was an sw40ve and at first i was disheartened by the heavy pull, but i got used to it.


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I have a SW40VE also and did some research for how to fix it. You can do it yourself. We did it at home (I'm mechanically de-clined, so it was actually my wife who put it back together) and the trigger pull is substantially lighter. Check out this link and see if it works for you. If not, you can always put it back just like you had it before.


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I have the exact same gun and after putting about 400-500 rounds through it, it feels good now. Of course the trigger is harder than other guns but remember it was made that way for a reason.


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Do a google search. There are plenty of sites that even have diagrams on how to do this yourself. If I remember correctly , one was cutting down one of the springs and polishing the sear.


make sure you have a replacement spring before you try it tho :biggrin: pistols work better when you don't have to throw it at an attacker


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It's 10lbs, All Sigma's come with the MA trigger. As the video shows remove the pigtail spring (1lb) and the outer sear spring (3lbs) and you'll be at around #6. I did both my 9VE and my buddies 40VE. No issues or FTF's from either one.

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