My 308 M1 Garand build

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I finally built my M1 Garand in 308. I had a barrel on order from Sarco but it went backorder. I ordered one from E-gunparts and it turned out great. I used a surplus Springfield receiver and all surplus parts that I had on hand. I kept the Sarco barrel on backorder and will probably build another one.


New Barrel and receiver.


Timing the barrel on my lathe.



Just a little more and it's ready to install on the receiver.


Set up to torque the barrel on.




Reaming the chamber.


Chamber reamed and the go gauge fits snug.


No-Go gauge is good.


Receiver is built and Op-Rod is installed.


My 308 receiver block. It's the new ramp for 308 and stops 30-06 from being loaded accidentally.


All together and ready to fire with a new Boyd stock.

After firing a couple rounds I need to open up the gas hole in the barrel because it's short stroking the round. This is normal on the 308 barrel because they drill the hole to 30-06 specs. I'll do this in a few days. After getting it firing correct then I will parkerize all the parts that need it.

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Truely very nice work... A sign of a craftman. (I don't mean the thangs from Sears on you bench or under it either)
Very, very cool! You've done a beautiful job getting that together. Thanks for sharing.
I am truly jealous. I mean, I like to play with my toys...but you can MAKE your own toys. :mad:
Thanks for the complements. I think I enjoy building firearms more than anything. There's really nothing to it if you have the equipment. This is one project I've been wanting to do for many years. I love my Garands and the 308 Garand just makes it just sweeter.
Very Very nice

Let's see you get into the sub MOA club.
If that thing shoots as good as it looks, You'll be able to slide right in!
Once I get my 200 yd range built I'll see how she does. I have a couple guys doing some cutting and buning now. :biggrin:
Thanks again for all the comments on my build. I finally got a chance to work on it today. I changed out the gas cylinder and fixed the short stroking. I've fired about 10 rds through it cleaning after each round to break in the chamber. Next week I'm going to break it down and parkerize all the parts. It sure does shoot sweet!

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