MUST READ - Election Fraud is Child's Play


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I don't believe Hillary really won in New Hampshire - neither did McCain.

Read on, and form your own opinion...

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2. Ron Paul was cheated out of votes


The famous "Hursti Hack" of the memory card in the voting system version used in New Hampshire preloaded the card with minus and plus votes, pass... More

1-9-08: New England voting machine firm has executive criminal record
They program every single voting machine in New Hampshire, Connecticut, almost all of Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine. But did state officials in five New England states ever do a criminal background check on this company's executives? Do the laws of these five states even ALLOW them to hire convicted criminals for services paid for by the state? What about over 500 local towns and municipalities?

According to my sources, LHS Marketing and Sales Director Ken Hajjar grew up with owner John Silvestro in Lawrence, Massachusetts. They both moved to Londonderry, New Hampshire, where Ken Hajjar was arrested, indicted, and pleaded guilty to "sale / CND" and sentenced to 12 months in the Rockingham County Correctional facility, and fined $2000. As things go for the politically connected, he was then given a deferred sentence and $1000 of his fine was suspended.

Hajjar doesn't limit his involvement in the voting machine business to sales. According to an interview conducted by Dori Smith, as reported here:, Hajjar totes memory cards around in the trunk of his car and defends the boggling concept of swapping out memory cards during the middle of elections.

Hold onto your hats, there's more. Start with this YouTube video, if you haven't already seen it:
YouTube - Silvestro the cat / NH voting (More:see Hacking Democracy)

Don't miss this BradBlog story:

[from Dori Smith & Bradblog] "Other LHS staff members we spoke with, including Mike Carlson and Tom Burge, provided similar comments. They said they would open machines up during an election and swap memory cards as needed. This is illegal under Connecticut law and Deputy Secretary Mara told us she has since informed LHS that such actions were in violation of Connecticut election laws. More…

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I don't really know what to think to be honest. I hate the conspiracy theory type thinking but some things are tough to ignore. The possibility of fraud when it comes to electronic voting is one of them.

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The Democrats started this conspiracy theory because they couldn't believe Hussein (Obama) didn't win. They carried it over to the Republican side to get sympathy. They picked Ron Paul because he's the internet canidate and he can't win. It's the old Chad theory...just updated.:)

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