Murder suspect arrested during gun buy at Norfolk store

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I guess he didn't hear that BG's buy guns on the streets. Just to show that they aren't dealing with a full deck which is good!

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Pretty cool.The dealer I go to was telling me a story saying he had a guy come in to purchase two weapons and when a check was run on the Customer apparently he had some.........I want to say "Parking Fines, and the Customer could not purchase the weapons at all. I know the dealer said to me Fines, but I'm not sure if he actually said "Parking Fines", I forget. I know in NH you cannot register your vehicle if You have any outstanding Fines. I guess as long as You're in the "system", pretty much everything and anything shows up on ya when purchasing a weapon (in NH)?
This guy in the video had no clue as how fast the system works. Glad no one got injured.
Am I the only for whom the video did not have any audio?

Anyway, glad to hear this idiot got caught. What a friggin' moron.

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