Multiple guns. and starter gun?


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Is it at all legal to carry more then one firearm on you at one time? Such as open carrying two handguns? Or concealed? And if anyone has any ideas on a good starter gun, I want to get one for my girlfriend for when she goes out alone. Nothing big, but something easy to conceal and carry around.


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It's perfectly legal to carry multiple firearms at any given time.
Your permit is good for as many firearms as you can safely carry on your person.
I have found that most people do infact carry multiple firearms.
Your main weapon is typically a larger caliber, (9mm, .357, .40, .45, etc), while your back up weapon is usually something smaller like a .32, .380, .38...
While that's not always the case, many people carry that way.
I'd recommend looking at revolvers, as they offer ease of use, don't jam, are typically more accurate, etc.
I'd suggest a .357, as it allows you the ability to shoot either the .357 magnum round or the lesser .38 Special round, which might be better to start with or for the lady.

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It depends on the laws in the state that you are in. In Missouri it is not limited.
As far as a weapon for your girlfriend, she sould make that decision.
What fits your hand or mine might be great for us, but what is important
is that it fits her hand properly, she knows how to safely operate it,
she is confident in her choice and she is trained in the use of defensive weapons.
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First thing you need to do concerning a handgun for your girl, is take her to a indoor range that rents guns, some places have a good selection, and try a few that have light recoil, the 357/38 is a good choice but the small light conceal carry type have a stout recoil even with 38s, the larger ones lesson recoil, but are heavy for a carry gun, the small 9mm autos are another option, there again the small ones have a good hit, the larger ones not the hard hit but big to conceal, one that looks good is a Bersa 380, good size, but not to big strong enough for close rsnge stuff, this is why I said go to the range and try everything that looks like it may fill the bill

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My earlier answer seems to have vanished into cyberspace, so here it is again.
As far as multiple weapons, it depends what state you are in. In Missouri there is no limitation.
In reguard to your girlfriend, you should not choose a handgun for her. It doesn't matter what you or I like, if it doesn't fit her hand properly, if she doesn't understand how to operate it, if she is not trained to use it safely, or if she just doesn't like it, it's the wrong gun. On top of that she (and anyone else) should have some training in the defensive use of weapons. As the answer above stated, try and get her to a range that rents handguns, and let her try a few out to see which ones fit her and she can operate safely. If you don't have a shooting range nearby that rents, maybe you can get a small group of friends that shoot, to join you, and let her try some of theirs. Hope that this was helpful. And always remember, Safety First !

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