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Hello, I'm new to this forum, and to this site. I am about to head from MI. to TN. on my bike and looking at the map on this site it appears all the states I will be hittin recognize my MI. CCW. Does this mean I can carry on my person in all the states, or should I keep my pistol in my bags locked up? I dont like being naked if I dont need to. Panhead

You're okay for carry unless you live in the western UP and plan on coming down through WI and IL. I live in Michigan and have made that exact trip before... no worries. IN, OH, KY, & TN are all Michigan Permit gun friendly states. Enjoy your trip.
You can also do a quick scan at, and build a carry map with a couple clicks. It's a nice tool for a quick glance at who honors your permit(s).

You are good to go all the way to Florida if you want.... just stay out of Ill......

Oh and swing by Knob Creek KY while you are there, they have a real nice gun store at their range, just south of Louisville on the old 31W I believe.... there are also several nice museums on that road as well as Fort Knox, no tours but there is the Patton Museum and a Civil war one too real close by.....

If you stay on the 65 there is also the corvette museum and factory down by the TN KY boarder, also have a stop off in the Mammoth cave area, lots of stuff to do there too....
road trip

Thanks, I will see what my Brothers have planned for the trip back to MI. I'm doin an 8 hr. shot from MI. to TN. to do the Dragons tail, then over to the Boogy for the week end, My Brothers are meetin me, comin up from FL. Panhead
In that case then put the Dusenberg Museum on the list in Auburn Ind, also on the 69 just south of the Auburn exit where they hold the car auctions is a real nice old car and military musieum.....
panhead thanks for asking your question, I had same question. Does the rules of vyour home state apply in the states that honor your permit?

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