MP5A5 Price Range


I'm a CCW Instructor and long-time RSO. I'm looking to acquire an H&K MP5A5 and can show compliance with all federal NFA requirements. What price range should I be looking at in seeking it?

the last MP5 I saw was at a gun show and they were asking 15,000 for it. would love one myself but don't have that kind of cash laying around.
I knew a lawyer once who had one and he let me put about 100 rounds of WWB through it at a range on the west coast of FL. It fired like a dream and never jammed once. It was pretty easy to handle and never gave much of a kick. Now hear this: one day I'm going to own one of those, or something on par with it. Can't afford it now, but one day... :icon_biggrin:

There was an AK-47 that looked like it had been used in actual battle, and that had a mild kick but it was still easy to hit the target cars at 40-50 yards. I fired a couple of mags from a .22 Uzi with a suppressor and a telescopic sight with a laser, which was absolutely incredible. It just made a spitting noise and put the bullet exactly on the mark. There was also an M-60 that fed from a belt and beat the crap out of me but it was great fun to shoot.

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