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Hi all. I just joined this site in hopes of getting advise on what I need to know, as I am about to move to VA. I have had the VA non-resident permit since day one (5 years) and have just submitted my renewal. My current home state permit (Michigan) is also recognized by VA, and since I still have a house in MI, I plan on keepeing a MI permit too (along with my Florida and a few others). My job is in Arlington (starts August 3), so as much as I hate the congestion of NOVA, I will have to live within a reasonable distance of work. So, here are a few questions.

1. Would I get hassled by anyone for open carrying in Arlington? I am asking primarily for the purpose of going to a restaurant that serves alcohol.

2. Are there any local ordinances I need to be aware of, like against open carry, etc.? Someone told me that Leesburg had one, but I am not sure how reliable that information is.

3. Can I carry on the Metro, assuming of course that I stay in VA and do not go into Maryland or D.C.?

4. Are there any places that qualify as federal proterty or oterhwise off-limits that one could mistakenly find themselves in? I was told that George Washington Parkway is off limits bacause it is federal property.

5. Most importantly, where should I look for a house to be in a gun friendly area? In Michigan I was used to a 55 mile commute (took 45 minutes), but in NOVA I have been told that would be 2 hours. I was told to go west off I-66. Any suggestions? Any counties better or worse than others?

6. Any issues specific to Virginia for carrying at work? I was happy to see that my company doesn't have a no-guns sign on the front door (I wouldn't take the job of they did), and I didn't find anything in the employee manual saying that I can't carry. I carried during the interviews and plan on carrying when I start working there. Anyone see any problems with that?

Thanks for all your help. I plan on joining VCDL. Any other VA organizations I should know about?

Metro is fine if you stay in VA.

Other off limits places Ronald Regan Airport, Dulles Airport that includes Dulles Toll Road. They can charge you with a Class 1 Misdemeanor. Yes GW Parkway counts as well that would be Federal though.

You'll be fine open carrying in Arlington.

Your work place is fine as long as long as they don't have a sign or anything in the company policies.

I live in Fairfax County as far as "gun friendly" I can do anything here in Fairfax, Arlington, etc that I could do farther west or south. If you want to go out west or south its your sanity with the horrendous traffic around here. Unless your goal is to shoot on your own property.

Welcome to VA and USA Carry. I shoot at the NRA range in Fairfax if your interested in going drop me a pm when you get get here.

Thanks for the info. I understand that GW should be fine when the National Park rule goes into effect next February.

I picked a corporate apartment in Chantilly, so I will see how that commute goes for me. I have been to the NRA gun range (I may take you up on the offer when I come in August), but I also need to find an outdoor gun club to join. I want to be able to do dynamic CQB work as well as have a decent 200-300 yards for rifle. Any suggestions?
Scenario training this is the place. I'm not sure about the specifics but check it out. I won't go there because of the way they treated Dick Hellers attorney among other things. Link Removed

"I'm paraphrasing here so bear with me. Dane VonBruchienreichardt (forgive the butchered spelling) went to the open house at SEG to check out the range. He introduced himself to one of the owners. All he said was 'Hi, I'm Dane VonBruchienreichardt, attorney for Dick Heller of the DC gun case.' Before he could say another word, the owner came back with, "We don't get politically involved. We don't want that kind of attention." And other comments like that... He cut Dane off time and time again and would not let Dane speak to anyone there and rushed him out the door. All Dane wanted was to see if he could set up a place where he and Dick Heller could go shoot in relative peace and these guys acted like he was the Devil incarnate himself. They lost a couple of very good customers for nothing.

Several others there who witnessed the exchange mentioned how things like "get him out of here" was whispered between the owners and some of the staff.

The day after the open house, Dane called me and told me what happened. He had no idea why he had been treated like that and he didn't know what he had done to cause such a reaction. I was offended that he would be treated such and decided at that point that I would avoid SEG like the plague

As I said at the beginning, I am paraphrasing some of the comments as this is from memory."

The rifle range is going to be difficult for 300-500 yds. For some odd reason there is nothing like that around here. I would suggest going to ar15forum and go to the hometown section and post that question. Maybe I need to open an outdoor 500yd rifle range...

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