Moving to the Nashville area. Could use your help!


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My wife and I will be moving, hopefully in a couple months. Any suggestions what area in or around Nashville would be good to move to?:confused:

Alot depends on what part of Nashville you are working in or going to school.
The Mt Juliet area east of Nashville is fast growing and reasonable housing.
I moved just west of Nashville last year. Pretty good areas around Peagram and Kingston Springs. As stated above, Mt Juliet is a great area. In general get outside of the Briley Parkway, the road that loops around the city and avoid Davidson county properties since the tax will be much higher than outlying areas. We did a lot of looking from straight north to straight east of the city outside of the Briley and there are some good houses and properties available. I particularly liked the area north of Goodlesttsville, from White House to Springfield. Surprisingly rural atmosphere not far from the city. Would not recommend the southeast area of the city unless you are well out of town. Feel free to pm me if you like.
About any of the suburban towns outside of Davidson County are pretty decent. Nashville has its share of nasty traffic issues. You may want to let your work location help decide where you live. You don't want to have to drive across town. Live on the side of town you work in. When it rains, there will always be crashes. When it snows, take a day off and stay home!:sarcastic: The roads won't be cleared and the residents don't know how to drive in it.
I live in Tullahoma now, about 70 miles south of Nashville, but I work from home. I used to live in Antioch (don't live there) and commute to Spring Hill (also a nice area).
Thanks I already knew about their reaction to snow. I had to drive through Tennessee over twenty years ago in heavy snow, I learned my lesson.

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