Moving to North Carolina, questions on carry laws


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Hello everyone. New to the forum here!

I will be moving from Chicago, IL to rural North Carolina in August (don't worry, I'm not bringing any Chicago politics with me - staunch 2A supporter right here).
I have a few questions on the laws in North Carolina that I haven't been able to find while sleuthing the internet. If anyone knows the answer to my questions below, I'd greatly appreciate learning so I can go about everything the legal way.

I am a currently an IL resident (for the next couple of weeks) and have my IL concealed carry permit, as well as a Florida non-resident carry permit. Once I move I will consider my IL permit worthless because I will no longer be a resident of IL.

1. I intend to get my NC carry license once I establish residency and get my NC driver's license, (I assume I need all of this done prior to applying for NC carry permit). Do I need a NC Driver's License to get a NC carry permit?

2. I understand that NC recognizes Florida carry permits. However, since I am not a FL resident, my FL carry permit is a non-resident permit. Will NC still recognize my FL non-resident permit, even if I would now be a NC resident? Put another way, can I legally carry in NC as a NC resident with a FL non-resident permit? Or as an NC resident must I have an NC resident permit? It would be nice if I could continue to legally carry in NC after I move there via my FL non-resident permit, but I want to make sure I'm following the law.

3. I understand that pistol purchase permits are required to buy a pistol, unless you have a carry permit. Does my FL non-resident permit qualify? Or does it have to be a NC resident carry permits?

4. Do AR pistols fall under requiring a pistol purchase permit? I assume yes.

5. Anything else I should be aware of or should do once I move?

Thank you all in advance.

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Thanks, seems like NC will honors all state permits. However I'm still unsure if another state permit is acceptable in NC if I am an NC resident. I believe some states accept all other states permits, but when you are a resident of that state, they require you have a resident permit since you are living there. My concern is that my FL non-resident permit won't be accepted in NC since I am an NC resident.
Edit: I called the local Sheriff office where I will be moving to, and they claimed that once I'm an NC resident, I can't carry until I get my NC permit. And that they won't honor my FL non-resident permit since I'll then be a resident of NC. They also said to consult an attorney but they are fairly confident that is the case.
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