Moving to Michigan with a Kentucky CCW


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I recently moved to Kentucky from Michigan. While I was in KY I obtained my carry permit. I know that I can travel through Ohio and Michigan using the Kentucky permit. Now that I have moved back to Michigan and have a Michigan drivers license, can I continue to use the KY CCW or do I have to obtain the Michigan CCW?

Thanks for the help!

Now really, you know the answer to that. :no:

Don't you think it would be just a bit difficult to explain to an LEO should the need arise.
Best not try splitting hairs on something like this, it can bite you on the behind. JMHO. :biggrin:
First, as a matter of Kentucky law, your KY CCDW license became invalid when you ceased to be a KY resident. Second, Michigan law only recpgnizes other states' licenses if the licensee is a resident of the issuing state. Carrying a concealed pistol or carrying a pistol anywhere in a vehicle in Michigan without a valid license is a felony. Unfortunately, you have to be a resident of Michigan for at least 6 months before applying for a MI CPL.

Also, on another front, Michigan requires registration of all handguns. Someone from MI who is more knowledgeable about this will have to explain the process to you.
You should call your local police dept. in whatever town you live in, and ask them the procedure for registering the gun. When we moved from 1 city to another, we were told we didn't need to re-register the gun at the new address as long as we remained the owners. Not sure if the serial # is what follows you or not but contact the police agency to be certain. Good luck.
Michigan only recognizes resident LTC and you are no longer a resident of Kentucky. Michigan puts non-residents who aren't able to get a LTC from their state in the same situation as Illinois does, unarmed. Since you are now a Michigan resident how about urging your legislators to change the law and recognize non-resident LTC the same as for residents. Maybe you should urge them to make a non-resident LTC good for 9 months after you move to Michigan. Since you can't get a LTC in Michigan til you've been there 6 months it would give you another 3 months to get the LTC when you are eligible. If Michigan takes longer than 3 months to issue make it a little longer. Does Michigan make you wait 6 months to get a drivers license. That's a rhetorical question.

I have a Utah LTC, if I lived in Utah I could carry in Michigan. Since I live in Illinois I can't. Neither can someone who lives in Wisconsin, or Vermont, or one of those states where you need to be rich and well connected and you aren't.

You have to register your gun in Michigan you have worse state laws in this regard than Illinois. Only Chicago has this registration non-sense here.

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