Moving to Iowa w/ Missouri CCW


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I want to say hello and thanks in advance for your info/opinions; this is my first post to USA Carry.

My question...

I am 22 and have been a Missouri CCW holder since my 21st birthday. I have just recently moved to Des Moines to start school at DMU. My wife works in Des Moines, and for the time being we are just planning on renting for the next 4 years until my schooling is over then probably moving back to Missouri.

I am aware there is reciprocity b/w IA and MO permits, but when speaking with the Polk County sheriffs dept. they said that if I am living in Iowa I should have an Iowa CCW to legally carry (an officer could make a big deal out of the fact that I have an Iowa living address but no Iowa permit). My MO drivers license expires this January and I could renew in Missouri or get an Iowa driver license (whatever I choose).

Problem with getting an IA permit is that my MO CCW permit doesn't expire until 2015, and I would rather not have to pay for another states permit or go through the hassles of applying.

I will be the 1st to say I am not fully aware of all the IA CCW laws, and wanted to get some thoughts from others.

Is it against the law to carry concealed (in IA) with a Missouri CCW, a Missouri drivers license, but an Iowa living address?

How about with an Iowa drivers license (if I renew in Iowa), Iowa address, but Missouri CCW?

-If I need to clarify anything let me know...


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First of all, welcome to Iowa! If you are going to be here 4 years, you will be an Iowa resident. I'd get the drivers license and the permit here in tags too (probably required within a certain time frame of residency). Make sure you check out the state carry rules for universities, they are very unfriendly in Iowa. The cost of the permit is nothing compared to the legal issues that could come up without it.


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If you reside in Iowa, you are a resident of Iowa. Your MO CCW permit then becomes invalid. So from a legal standpoint, you can no longer legally carry in Iowa or Missouri, unless you obtain sn Iowa Resident CCW permit, and assuming Missouri recognizes the Iowa permit.


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Good news is Iowa is shall issue, and your permit will arrive within 30 days of the application date.


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So then safest bet is probably wait till my MO drivers license expires in Jan. and obtain and apply for an Iowa drivers license. I am sure I will have to have an Iowa drivers license before I think about applying for an Iowa CCW.

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