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Hello all, it has been a while since I have been in the forums, but it has been a crazy last few months to say the least. Wife had our newest addition to the family. Our third Son, Brycen, and I was offered a new job in Virginia. That leads me to my questions.

I know that when I leave the state I have to turn in my CWP back to SLED. My question is, Is there a certain form that I need to fill out when sending it back?

Also, do I need to contact them and let them know it is coming back to them? I do plan on submitting my CWP application the same day I go to DMV and transfer my license. I have already started looking into the requirements for VA and my Brother-In-Law is a CWP holder in VA already so I know he will help me with the process. Is it like the DMV where I give them my SC drivers license and just take it to the courthouse where I submit my application?

Sorry for all the questions... I just want to ensure I do this the proper and the responsible way. I do remember reading and being taught in my CWP class that if I left the state, I must turn the CWP over or I could face some serious trouble. Any help and insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...


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I would send via certified, signature service required to the below. Or call the below number if needed.

SLED Regulatory, P.O. Box 21398, Columbia, S.C. 29221.
Regulatory Department at (803) 896-7015

SECTION 23-31-215. Issuance of permits.

(J) A permit is valid statewide unless revoked because the person has:

(1) become a person prohibited under state law from possessing a weapon;

(2) moved his permanent residence to another state and no longer owns real property in this State;

(3) voluntarily surrendered the permit; or

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