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I just moved to MS from TN for law school. My permit came in the mail to me today (forwarded from my TN address.) My question is about changing my address with the state. I live here, but only for law school. Do I change my address to my MS address even though I am keeping my TN Drivers license and mailing in my vote for election back to my home town, both of which are tied to my old address (where my parents live and will continue to live)?

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Since TN does not issue non-resident permits. I think if you try to change your address to a MS address, they will revoke your permit.

I admit I'm not sure how residency applies to students. But if you are still considered a "resident" of TN, I wouldn't change anything. If you are considered a resident of MS while you are there you will have to get a MS DL and permit.
Fallguy has it right.

Provided you are a full-time student, you may retain your TN residency. However, you do need a valid Tennessee address for mail. Is your address from which you forwarded still available to you (i.e. it is your parents home) or was it just an apartment? If the latter, you will need a valid TN address at which you can receive mail. I would then change my address on my DL and my permit to the new TN address.

Have fun in law school.:fie:

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