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Titles are un-American.
My department at work recently moved our offices a few doors down. Now we share a room with people who apparently do training for hazmat stuff, USCG patrols, security training and so forth. It's pretty interesting stuff; there's all kinds of Homeland Security manuals around on how to seal your house up tight and whatnot. This is probably one of the only places around downtown Jacksonville I think I'll find chemical resistant gear on the off chance that someone decides to try something around here. There's also a breathing mask for small particulate (ie, something like immediate post-9/11 air quality).

Secure you gear now

Looking for it in the event something happens is like jumping off a diving board while trying to turn on the water to fill the pool. It only works in the cartoons. Get your gear together now and keep it in a bag under your desk. Tell the homeland security dudes that there stuff scares you if they even ask. You may be able to get in on some training from them too.
right on!!

get your stuff together NOW while it is easy. trying to get it together in themiddle of a critical incident works only in te movies. and talk to thoseguys and get to be good friends with them .maybe they will let you go on some training ops and patrols and such. good training there if you can get it.
Much of it is good reading material; along with the basic DHS stuff, there are also manuals on how to clean up toxic spills and whatnot, as well as USCG procedures, which may be helpful to know about if I one day end up on the wrong end of the boarding party. The DVDs appear to be poorly encoded, so it may take some time to get the knowledge out of them. As for the gear, it's literally directly behind my cubicle in a cabinet; I couldn't find a better place for it if I wanted. I've never actually seen any of those trainers; they're there when I'm not, and vice-versa.

The main point is that it's a good idea to get a stash of gear together at work. I do have things there already, but there's no way I would have room to put chemical boots, giant tarps and some huge duffel bags. Having that stuff around is really icing on the cake.

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