Mosin Nagant Stripper Clip Problem


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I recently bought some Mosin stripper clips, and they don't work right. The rounds stick in them, and they turn sideways when you try to push them into the mag, and pop out usually. I was searching around and they were saying some of the brands were cheap repro's, but there are ways to fix some of them. I couldn't find a whole lot of info on how to fix 'em though.
Have any of you had experience with bad stripper clips, and found any fixes? I bought like 25 of them, and it's easier to single load, then trying to use these piles of s***. :fie:

Cooter I have had the same thing happen to me. I just took a round and ran it up and down in the striper till it loosened up. They worked after that. If you can find the factory ones they work a lot better. Good luck.
It seems like the ridge that holds the rim of the cartridge is pretty large. The cartridges can easily move back and forth, so they turn sideways when I apply force to strip them off the clip.
Is this the case with your clips? Have you used any original factory clips?
No mine were very tight. Yes I got some at a gun show and they work great. The after market ones stink. you may try to bend them in some to snug them up a bit. I also find that you have to push right on the back of the rounds. If you push in the end or in the mid point they will not slid in the gun very well. Just look out so you dont cut your hand. Hope this helps some.

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