more nonsense from the people's republik of kalifornicate


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I just got a letter in the mail from the california bureau of (in)justice.I guess all of you other FFL's in here got the same letter.Apparently,it is not enough to have a license to sell firearms issued by the federal government in order to receive a shipped firearm in california.Now the dealer in california has to get a permit to to receive a shipped firearm and all of us have to have their permit number or whatever before we ship to a dealer in california.I guess I won't be shipping to california(which is probably what they want).I just have too much going on to play stupid games with an anti gun,anti rights state and risk making a mistake and getting in trouble. :ranting2:
You guys in cali need to get on your legislature and rip 'em a new one.Either that or all freedom,liberty loving people in california need to move to a different state and leave cali for the politicians and the criminals.Come to Texas.We have room.

What will they think of next? I can only say that I'm glad not to be living anywhere near that cancer on our body of liberty.
you're welcome here, but please leave any liberals or liberalism behind. we have enough of those freaks coming here from Kali.

we like guns here...really...we do ;-)

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