More guns in the Family


God Bless Our Troops!!!
Brother in law just brought home two new toys!
1. savage 10FP
2. charter arms (pink) 38spl for my little sis.

This is why we like him best! He toes the line and does what needs doing!

I'm the only one in My Family who has firearms. My Dad see's the way things are in this world today and says they are not going to get any better. That's why I took up firearms last year. Trying to get knowledge to feed my head. Next will be my Son this coming spring. My Bro., nephews all like the idea that I have these weapons of mass distruction. They'll all be coming to my house when the SHTF.
Be prepared and well stocked!
Congrats to the Bro! The savage is a nice rifle. Hope he enjoys it and can not wait to see some pics of his groups!
Awesome, I have the 10FLP (left handed version) and it puts 1" holes at 200 yards with Black Hills Match 168gr BTHP ammo. I put a fixed power 10x Super Sniper scope on it as well.

Everyone in my immediate and extended family owns guns. I can't believe there are entire families that don't, but there are.
More guns in the family

My wife has a Rossi 5-shot .38 spl in stainless steel with Pachmayer grips that I bought her for Mother's Day some years ago. She loves it and is quite proficient with it. We recently saw a similar-looking snubby at a gun shop with a bright pink grip. I offered to get it for her for Christmas, and she said if I did, I'd probably be the first it would get used on, ROFLMAO.

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