MONSANTO trying to slip one through congress!


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Monsanto has a bill before congress to outlaw home gardening, which will let your land be confiscated if you grow ANYTHING not compliant to Monsanto. This will eventually include meat and WILD GAME. They will control the world's food resources. Here's a related link.

Millions Against Monsanto Campaign - Organic Consumers Association

Here is a related video.

YouTube - Feds to limit gardening? (Monsanto, seeds, Ron Paul)

DON'T BUY ROUND UP! DON'T BUY MONSANTO PRODUCTS! Tell business owners you won't shop at their stores any more if they keep selling Monsant products.

Pass this information on to everyone, email, post on websites. We can't let the corporations take over our food supply, especially with a possible 15 year depression looming over our heads. Ron Paul predicts this, and we all know he has been on the money with all of his other predictions.

From: Monsanto and HR 875, Take Two | Crooks and Liars

There is no language in HR 875 that would regulate, penalize, or shut down backyard gardens or ‘criminalize’ gardeners; the bill focuses on ensuring the safety of food in interstate commerce.

Farmer’s markets would not be regulated, fined, or shut down, and would, in fact, benefit from strict safety standards applied to imported food to ensure that unsafe imported food doesn’t compete with locally grown produce.

The bill would not prohibit or interfere with organic farming, or mandate the use of any chemicals or types of seeds. The National Organic Program (NOP) is under the jurisdiction of the USDA. HR 875 addresses food safety issues and falls under the jurisdiction of the FDA.

Monsanto and any other large agribusiness company had no part whatsoever in drafting this bill, and Rep. DeLauro’s husband and his company do no lobbying on this issue.

Text of the bill:

GovTrack: H.R. 875: Text of Legislation, Introduced in House

I have not found anything to indicate an end to hunting, organic farming, farmers markets, etc....I still thing this is a BAD idea, but not nearly as sinister as the above movie makes it out to be. I was abou ready to get a torch and a pitchfork and pay a visit to my Congressman. Besides, I really doubt this will ever get out of Committee.
Oh, MONSANTO is a bunch of litigeous monopolizers who would like nothing more than to control every aspect of food production, so I agree, don't buy their stuff.
Kinda looks like the tin foil hat news media to me....

Never fly do you have any idea how many hundreds of millions of dollars is spent yearly on back yard gardens and equipment, it dwarfs what they make by compairson..... entire sections of stores, K-mart, Wally world, Sears, Horocks, hundreds of thousands of green houses,not to mention the catalog seed houses.....:yu:

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