Mob of young men beating and robbing wisconson fair goers in Milwaukee.


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Well here is why we need to carry guns a mob of young men beating and robbing
people at the state fair grounds in Milwaukee. the police have no arrests.
same kind of robbing downtown a few weeks ago. so chief what you going to do now. to protect people at the fair. cause now people will not go there.
the people need to have guns so that this stuffs can't go on.
it's on the news

Mob of young men? Only me with firearm? Not sure how that will work out. Understand situation and frustration in your thread but still not sure how my firearm will fully protect me. What I do see is my defending against one and then having the others use my firearm against me. To some extent you answered your own question--situational awareness---until the police get this kind of thing under control, you do not go there.
Worst Case Scenario

is me, with no badge, versus an out of control mob. The best way to handle this is to walk away with you and yours as rapidly as possible. The problem with this scenario is IF you are forced to draw you have to put a round in the thug closest to you, the next thug, the next thug, the next thug, and the next thug without hitting any terrified civilians. If I am forced to blow down 5 or 6 gang bangers to protect my person I will; but the headline the next day is probably 'Crazed gunman opens fire on fairgoers'.
I guess you might call that first shot into a thug "the warning shot".
And when they hear that first shot then the roaches will most likely scatter to the four winds!
"It looked like they were just going after white guys, white people," said Norb Roffers of Wind Lake in an interview with Newsradio 620 WTMJ. He left the State Fair Entrance near the corner of South 84th Street and West Schlinger Avenue in West Allis.

Here we go again!!! Black on White crimes and still yet no word for our Policical hack Leader,Al Sharpton, why is his lying mug not plastered all ove BSMBC with outrag of this dispicable crime?, or the NAAWP (can it be that they condons this behavior?) When Black so called leaders, sit on there hands and do Nothing, what does that imply?. Hey Obama How about a nationalized request for a Beer Summit and condem this hopie feelie change of yours? Let's here how spupidly they acted....what a Hack!!!!!
Democrates need to be on the "Terrorist Watch List"!! Let me guess.....these thugs voted for OBAMA and are democrates, Looks Like terrorism here. And the Democrates are completly delusional "Tea Party are Terrorist??"
Usually once the first thug is on the ground leaking, the rest of the mob will flee in panic!


Here's a link to the news story: Link Removed With a crowd of attackers that size (dozens to hundreds) you'd be needing to take your M-60 out of its pocket holster, flash your CCW badge, and lay down a few thousand rounds of grazing fire, in order to be effective. Somehow I don't see that mob fleeing at the sound of a gunshot or two.

Seriously, though - if I were trying to leave that fair, with all that craziness going on, I'd rather be with a firearm than without one.
I used to bounce and trust me one shot would send the group of bg's running. Remember, they are using the group as a weapon. Once they disperse it's doubtful they would regroup at the fair. They know the cops are on the way.
next year weapons will be carried and some of these guys will get shot.
so Flyn hows the people in your town doing now you have not protected them at the state fair.
do you think your job is on the line yet. you did not want the concealed carry law but next year some person is going to take a shot at this shxx and then mr jackson is going to come down and want you to resign.
you police leaders have to do something this (flash attacks) are not going to stop. the young black males who are looking for fun and excitment have no fear of you. Of course not all the black kids are doing this but the ones who are looking for trouble see this as a power trip and to maybe get some money. and beat up whites. post rewards for information on these attacks and get some people working on learning who is setting this up cause someone is!! arrest that person or persons and send them to prison. grab some badguys and take their phones cause it will prob be on the ph they are setting these attacks up on. don't be reactive
be proactive. go after these guys on consp chargess to comitt robbery, crim damage, ect. mob action you know what we pay you for.
call the fbi this is a org crime thats their job look at the other attacks more than 5 in wsiconson.
a group org to commit planned crimnal attacks on citzens of your city.
well you going to wait till they kill someone?
you are so concearned about not saying Blacks and race attacks cause you don't want to scare the women at their lunch dates. your going to let some one get killed cause you want to downplay the serious of and the nature of these attacks. it's going on across the usa. be the first to call it and charge these guys with a hate crime. cause thats what it is or is it a hate crime only when white do it. if thats what you and the other police leader think and act, then the america I love and remember is dead. land of the free and home of the brave and GOD DAMM YOU FOR LETTING IT HAPPEN. GET YOUR ASS MOVING AND ARREST THESE BASTARDS.
by not saying blacks your telling them your scared of them. or are you too scared to be a man and say that.
how about the fair was attacked by a group of young black males looking for trouble and we are going to find them and arrest them and charge them with the full power of the law. we are going to reach out to the black leaders and community to help us find and arrest these thugs and send them to jail.
BE A MAN CHIEF!!! not a puxxy stand up for everyone. if you do you just might see all of us with you black and white, cause the black leaders are watching, scared! think they will watch and see how this plays out can they use it or leave it alone. Mr jackson is hoping your police shoot down some teenage black kids. Oh then he gets tv coverage. and the white are waiting till all whites are effected rich and poor and then you will lose your job and the rich then will pass some more laws aimed at the poor and buy more security.
beating people at the fair gets close to hurting some rich people and that will cause some heads to roll.
these flash attacks are the straw that can bite the thugs back cause they might hurt some powerful man's son then look out the shix will come down on the heads of the blacks they are making people scared and mad.
it will back fire on them more whites will want to control these bad guys and they will not listen to ( people who say it's because the poor black male has no job or what ever. They are going to want blood.
what do you think will happen if a Sentors little girl is raped and beaten by this mob.
God look out now, cause you got a timebomb stand up and act like you care. have you seen a armed mob
go after some group who they belive is attacking them it will be in the dark and people who had nothing to do with it pay for it. allways happen because leader don't say the real facts and show concearn.
stop this now. black moms and dad don't want their kids killed and fighting going on. they know the group attacking is black so do we. say it get past it and move on treat it the same as the kkk if they break the law go after them. fear of saying a group of Blacks teenagers attack whites is giving power to the people who set this up they can say they are scared of us, see if we stick together they fear us. well you can get all of us together too white and blacks speak the truth and act. it a fact pull us together be a leader.
cause if our leaders don't pull us together we will grow more apart than we are now.
Dang I can fill a page. well it's a good thing noone reads this.
I think I would shoot the closest three. One down might just infuriate the others, two down and they might hesitate, three down and they are gonna think, "@()&$%@)&^!!! This honky be serious!! Run like a mutha!!!!"
Anyone pulling my door open on my car will be committing the last act of their and their friends life, they may win in the end but several will cease any further act of this kind.
You dip sticks think yall the only people with guns LMAO????? You pull 1 they pull 5 and so and so on!!!!! Stop begging Al sharpton for help cry baby its been happening to blacks for many many many years so deal with it what goes around comes back around!!!!
You dip sticks think yall the only people with guns LMAO????? You pull 1 they pull 5 and so and so on!!!!! Stop begging Al sharpton for help cry baby its been happening to blacks for many many many years so deal with it what goes around comes back around!!!!

Detroit 45 cap: you definitely have some bad genes, i hope you are neutered, we don't need anymore welfare babies.
There is no doubt that a firearm allows us to protect ourselves against racially motivated violence. Too bad James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner were not armed when they were pulled over by Cecil Price and his fellow inbreeds.
Previous replies indicate that "usually" your first shot will scatter the rest of the mob or roaches. Glad some of you feel so confident in the word "usually"--have at it if your definition is different than mine. "Usually" is a slight step up from "maybe" or "possibly"---none of these words come close to my standing my ground and drawing a firearm at a mob. Now the word "always" can definitely be used if you stay away from the fair, if things have gotten that bad this year and others. I like "always" when it comes to firearms and staying away from the fair.

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