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I notice that on the TN map it shows MN as not honoring TN. But according to the MN DPS web site they do honor TN.

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This is the state that was supposed to honor TN , but something few months ago came up, and they said they did not honor it. It was on the TN site, but they removed it. I am not sure what happened.
Yes I did. On there is a thread started on 10/25 that says three more states honor TN permit MN, NV, and WV. Maybe it just got added. I will continue to research. I tried to find the information I found about it being removed and I couldn't locate it. Thanks for the heads up
I guess it was more than a few months ago. I am not sure why the sites have not been updated.


Updated Minnesota is the text of an e-mail received March 21, 2007: Thank you for contacting me regarding recognition of permits to carry pistols from other states. The Department of Public Safety has completed their annual review of other state laws and has determined that an additional eleven states qualify for permit recognition in Minnesota because their laws regarding permit issuance are substantially similar to Minnesota's laws. The additional states whose laws are substantially similar to Minnesota's are Alaska, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas. Those states are in addition to the four states (Arkansas, Louisiana, Utah and Wyoming) Minnesota currently recognizes, which brings the total number of recognized states to 15.

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