Missouri Politicians fail to over-ride Dem. Gov. Veto.


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I'm really disappointed in Missouri Politicians failure to over-ride Governor Jay Nixon's (D) veto of HB 436. The over-ride passed in the State House but failed by one vote in the Senate. The Bill would have nullified certain Federal Gun Laws inside the state of Missouri. Republicans vowed to bring this Bill up again in the 2014 session.
This shows how important it is to vote for Conservative Republicans and not Democrats in State and local elections. Liberal Democrat Senators from North Missouri managed to kill the Bill that would have protected Missouri citizens from Federal Gun Laws. 2014 will determine who controls the US House and Senate and many State offices. Everyone get out and vote and drag along a Conservative non-voter so Liberal Democrats can be ousted as they were in Colorado.


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Our liberty is quickly disappearing in this country. All that stands in the way of the progressive tyranny is the second aamendment. We either fight these traitorous political pimps in the voting booth now; or we will have to fight more literally if our freedom is to be preserved.

There were only five cowardly legislators in Missouri who changed their votes. They stopped representing the people so they should forfeit positions as representatives. If recall is not possible in Missouri; then they should be voted out In 2014. Colorado's recall helped defeat some of the onerous gun control in California. Only a little over 1/2 of firearm owners voted in 2012. So whose fault is it that these politicians don't take our opinions seriously?

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