Missouri 2009 Gun Rights Rally Day


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1 April 2009-Jefferson City, Capitol Rotunda 9-11AM. Don't be a fool! Show up to make sure our legislators know that messing with Missourians gun rights is a very foolish thing

Printable flier--Please post in gun shops or other venues where we might get riders

I was able to attend the Rally this year and it was a good one. I attend and help set up a number of these in years past.

I would guess that there were over 100 in attendance and there were about 20 speakers. Most of the speakers were legislators who were able to get away for a few minutes and spoke only for a few minutes. The speakers came from both side of the aisle and professed to always protect our 2nd Amendment Rights. Even our new Governor sent a speaker over to visit with us and again spoke well for our side, he also said the Missouri's CCW permit is now widely accepted across the state .

One of the things I found disappointing was the lack of leaders from the Pro-Gun Grass Roots Movement. There was of course Kevin Jamison from KC and Tim Oliver from Columbia. There was also a few of the leader ship from MOCarry and GCLA in St. Louis and WMSA from KC. I guess it was just a bad time for all to get together.

Any way it was good for me to get back to Jeff. and visit with a number of those holding office.

Try and make the trip next year, it's one of those things all gun owners should do.

Bob, there were way more than 100 people there. Tim Oliver and I counted them several times and came up with over 300 people both times. Thanks to everyone who showed up.
Stu Strickler

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