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I found this article very disconcerting. I am active military so I have to follow the Hatch Act and all rules and regulations as set forth. America spoke and BHO is the president-elect. I hope everyone is happy. It's just a matter of time with the dem's in control. I would like to thank the media for it's undue influence (there are some restrictions that need pounded into the whiners that cry all things are subject to freedon of the press).

Adios for now. I'll post as I can from where ever I'll be.

Article published Oct 27, 2008
‘Obamamania' may assault Second Amendment, bring Fairness Doctrine
“Obamamania” having swept the nation through the anointing of Barack Obama by the liberal media and the money from likeminded socialists, it is, indeed, possible Obama will be our next president. Obama's election will bring about an assault on many of our cherished American rights and freedoms.
I predict one of the first things we see will be the most draconian gun control bill introduced by Sen. Schumer (D-N.Y.) that will be supported by Obama. I predict this bill will make the unconstitutional gun ban enacted in 1994 and dubbed the “Clinton gun ban” look mild.
Obama's record on the Second Amendment is as follows: 1. He has supported a complete ban on handguns; 2. He voted to ban most rifle ammunition; 3. He refused to sign a brief supporting an individual right in the “Heller” case; 4. He supported the lawsuits that were designed to destroy the firearm industry; 5. He opposes the right to carry for self-defense; 6. He supports gun registration (which in Germany before WWII was used to disarm the Jews and used in Australia to disarm its citizens); 7. He served on the board of the Joyce Foundation, a rabidly anti-Second Amendment organization; 8. He voted to allow prosecution of citizens for using firearms for self-defense in their own homes.
These are just a few of the problematic facts relating to Obama's stand on the Second Amendment. He takes these positions despite the fact that wherever concealed- carry laws have been adopted, there has been a reduction in crime. You can also look forward to an international gun ban treaty, being funded by self-anointed messiah George Soros and put together by Rebecca Peters, who was behind the gun confiscation in Australia, to be presented eventually to the Senate for ratification.
Sadly, Obama's position on the Second Amendment wasn't even addressed in the debates. The reason for this is that when all of the facts are known, it's a losing cause for the liberals.
You can also look for the liberals in Congress to reinstitute the Fairness Doctrine. The Fairness Doctrine will be an attempt to stifle conservative views by forcing the stations that air talk radio to provide equal airtime to the liberal viewpoints, which are everywhere every day except for talk radio.
The liberals for years have had control of the mainstream media. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The L.A. Times, USA Today, etc., have spewed forth liberal propaganda for years. The problem for them now is that there is talk radio and the Internet. They can't stand the fact that Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingram, Glen Beck and others have a venue to air their opinions. They are upset that many of their pet programs went down in defeat because they were exposed for what they were. How many times has the switchboard in Washington, D.C., been shut down with such a large volume of callers forcing a change in direction? The Internet provided the platform to expose Dan Rather using a forged document in an attempt to influence an election.
Liberals attempted to compete in the market with conservative talk radio with their “Air America.” George Soros also kicked in several million dollars to get it off the ground. It failed because no one was listening. They could not get advertising as a result.
And let us not forget Obama's plan for economic redistribution. Taking Americans' hard-earned money and giving it to someone else. That is the only way he can give tax cuts to 95 percent of Americans.
Our Constitution will be under assault as it never has been before. James Madison, chief architect of the Constitution and our fourth president, said the following: “I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents.”
Be concerned. Be very concerned.
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How Barack Obama Struck Fund-raising Gold -- New York Magazine
Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are on George Soros? ?payroll? Thoughts Of A Conservative Christian
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Thank God I'm alive!
On gun control, I have no doubt that he'll try to bring back more gun control. I'm going to learn how to handload in preparation for his presidency.


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With the majority of the Congress and Senate going to the Democrats, I don't think many who care about shredding the 2nd will B rasing cane about that legislation when it hits the floor + goes for the vote. Those who do will cast a vote for with 10 against making their efforts futile. Foresee the 2nd being modified/castrated to the point that it will become a nationwide federal law, not subject to whatever the 50 states want or have to say. Make that 49 I got a gut DC will go total gun free with almost no private ownership & armed BG easy pickings. The way I see it look @ the current CA laws on guns and that's maybe the very best we can hope for, CCW permits? I think the end is near for that except for very few who have a bonded duty to protect high value cargo like private body guards, security rent-a-cops, ATM stockers or armored car staff, on duty, plus LEO's, judges and the ABC's being the ones who may get a federal CCW permit for their own protection off duty. Total ban, ='s just too many to incarcerate for disobeying, done this end-game post B 4 and most of America voted for changes without a clue as to what those changes will be from same-sex unions, abortions, guns/lead-free ammo, taxes, ad nauseum. :fie:



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Foresee the 2nd being modified/castrated to the point that it will become a nationwide federal law, not subject to whatever the 50 states want or have to say. Make that 49 I got a gut DC will go total gun free with almost no private ownership & armed BG easy pickings. [/B] :fie:[/COLOR]


Just a procedural point....DC is not one of the 50. There are 50 states plus DC.


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I stand corrected, the only thing we ever learned about D.C. in skool in London, England was Ole Georgie-porgy-pudding-'n-pie III, Rex, Fid Def, Deo Graci, Ind Imp sent some red-necks, sorry Red Coats there in 1812 on R & R and they got a tad carried away.
You have this immi-grunt @ a disadvantage sir, but I still think D.C. will end up with the worse 2-nd deal if the whole nation consisting of 50 states and a few territories ends up owning a gun like most did/still do in CA, no frigging use except to take to the range locked inside a box w/ammo separate. Shoot a BG and get sued stupid, CCW a .38 S&W minus serial #'s that most gang bangers packed in their baggy pants 'Essay-homes'. :mad:



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i do not think

gun owners will put up with that. i believe if it does happen the second american cvil war will be the result. i hope i am wrong. will have to ask the wife when the last time was.because i hte it when i am right. subhunter-GOOD HUNTING!!

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