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Can any of you gentlemen (or ladies) recommend a good company for high-capacity Mini-14 magazines? I'd like to pick up a few 30-round mags. I've been searching around, but I'm not sure what is quality and what isn't.

CDNN Sports Mags.
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Then go to Mags.,then go to rifle mags.,then go to Ruger mags.,then your there
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I purchased a few of the 20 round magazines from ProMag for mine and they have performed well. Cheaper than Dirt was the cheapest around when I purchased mine.
I've heard that the magazines manufactured by PMI are good quality. I've also heard bad things about Ram-Line. Can anyone confirm or deny?
ProMag is the only aftermarket brand that has ever worked well for me. Remember too, Ruger is now making 20 round magazines available to the public. That is a huge change from way back when I got my mini. At that time Ruger didn't sell anything bigger than 5 rds.

Factory mags work and work well. Back around Christmas time there was a sale on them on the Ruger website. Ask your dealer if you don't find them online.


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