Mil Spec firearms in great demand!


God Bless Our Troops!!!
On nearly every web site i've been at lately, Assault rifles have all but been sold out, the same thing at my local gunshops.AK's, HK91 & Clones, AR's you name it. They are getting harder and harder to come by. Prices are getting gouged. You would think the ban was already here. Magazine prices have gone way up and ammo is getting harder to find locally.

This is in the FL panhandle above Ft.Walton Beach and Alabama. PLease let us know how things are where you are.

Everyone has seen the hand writing on the wall and are in the panic mode and those that are selling are jacking up the prices.
Haven't seen many problems finding military-type weapons here in Atlanta. HKs, Cetmes, AKs and Mini-14s are easy to find, and ARs, while more rare, are still available. Haven't seen a significant increase in prices, either. Then again, I'm not looking every day.

Probably time for me to get one, though... With a Dem Congress and President, a gun ban can't be far away.
It's not just for so called "assault weapons." Gun stores around here are having a hard time keeping shelves stocked of handguns and hunting weapons too.
Around here, I was having a hard time finding a Beretta 92FS/M9, I was able to locate 1 92FS. I pick my new 92FS in about a week.

In the past I bought guns online because I could always get a good deal. Not anymore. Compared to gun stores they're still a deal, but in and of themselves, they are not as good a deal as they used to be.
It has been easy finding AR's, AK's, L1A's and such in South Ms, but findinding good prices on .223 ammo (bulk) is getting pretty ridiculios. Although I have to admit that the prices of the guns has gone crazy, espesially for AK variants (410,20, and 12 Gauge). You used to see these for 200-300 hundred, now you see them in the 1000's.

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