Metal Mossy 500 safety.


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I was getting ready to order a metal safety button kit for my Mossberg 500 HD when I suddenly noticed for the very first time that I already had a metal button. Now my question is: is this stock or add on? Does anybody out there have an older Mossberg 500 with the metal button from the factory? And if so, does anybody know when they switched to plastic? See button below. It isn’t current add on safety as sold on the internet. Front of the button is smooth and all the add ons have serrated fronts.

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I dunno. All the ones I've seen in gun shops and pawn shops, including the one I own all have plastic safety buttons.
My M500 in Marine Coat has a metal button, and it is not 30 years old. It was purchased new in about 1997.
The more I look at this thing, the more it looks like a bolt action rifle safety button. Mossberg says it doesn't resemble anyything stock or add on that they have ever seen. It has the low profile and one way serrations of a rifle safety. The old Savage had something pretty similar. I don't have mine around anymore to compare them. Any rifle guys out there able to ID this safety button?

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