"Messiah" working his magic.....BEWARE!


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YouTube - President Listens to Desperate Plea for Help in Ft. Myers FL

Charismatic and smooth....

"It's sacrilegious to say it in the Age of Obama, but it needs to be said: Home ownership is not an entitlement. Credit is not a civil right. Your property-value preservation is not my problem. Can I get an "Amen!"?" --Michelle Malkin

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How about getting off your ass, getting a job, & paying some rent?????
PascalFleischman HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT! that she would mean she would have to own up to her mistakes and short comings, and we can't have that. I'm sure before it is said and done it was us " gun caring rebels" that kept that poor lady down with all our semi-auto guns and care free attitudes, that is why he will be her hero when he taxes our guns and ammo and makes it so that only the very wealthy can afford to hunt and plink around with semi- autos and he will take that extra money and pay for the housing of those too lazy to get out and work for them.
She was on Fox&Friends this morning. Some woman is going to let her stay in her unused rental house. The woman took out a high interest loan and left New York on the 18th of January. She and her son (looked to be 20-25) stopped in PA, didn't find a job and moved on to Pasco Co. FL where she made this plea for a hous and a car.

So, the real story is, "I made a bad decision and now I want the taxpayers to deal with it."

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