Media starts to catch on to Guns in America 2009


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Armed America: Behind a broadening run on guns |

Armed America: Behind a broadening run on guns
Firearms sales have their cycles, but types of buyers – and their motivations – have shifted.

from the April 13, 2009 edition

Atlanta - What do an elderly Oklahoma homeowner, a Virginia Citizen Militia member, and a Texas airline pilot all have in common these days?

They're all part of America's massive gun-and-ammunition buying spree – a national arming-up effort that began before last year's election of President Obama and continues unabated. Across the United States, it has led to shortages of assault-style weapons, rising prices, and a broadening of gun culture to increasingly include older Americans, women and – gasp – liberals.

The causes are varied – from fears over crime, both rational and irrational, to the concern that Second Amendment rights will be curtailed by a Democrat-controlled Washington. With the stock market deeply uncertain, some buyers simply think guns are a good investment. The run on guns suggests a shift in public attitudes about gun rights, and it presents a snapshot of a country that has historically turned to powder and balls in times of turmoil.............................cont.

I think the Democrats willing to do away with our RKBA have to be reaching for the Pepto after reading an article like this, which suggests gun rights are more important to more Americans of all stripes than ever before.

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