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McCain votes against many things that would be good for veterans because the final bill has so many attachments that are so bad for so many.

Reading any left wing progressive web site that does their best to make the best candidate for our country look as bad as possible will taint you. Why don't they show all the taxes and earmarks the Communist Pelosi and her nest of commies attach to something good? Yes the republicans got real bad with earmarks also.

I served 20+ years and have a job. I do not have the luxury of time to do lots of web surfing to refute or research the earmarks and attachments.

But to be on a Veterans site and have someone bashing a Veteran that has seen and lived through more than most is very offensive.

If you do not like McCain fine. Vote for Obama enjoy the results. But to use this platform for your political agenda is offensive to me.

McCain dot com on the issues seems very clear on his view for Veteran affairs. With the veto power he'll have I expect to see clean bills passed to support veterans.

Just my $.02 Harvey

I don't agree with a lot of stuff that McCain does, but I agree a lot more with his views than with Badrock Hussein Obrhama.

I was not going to to do this but it is obvious you have an agenda. I am sorry you have health problems. But when a bill comes for vote and the commies attach so much garbage to it and it is voted down it's not because McCain does not care.

This is McCains stance on Veterans affairs and health.
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You can believe all the hype the left presents. McCain spends time in Vet Hospitals and sees what is being or not being done. Unlike the other that couldn't take his cameras so did not go.

Today I use the VA for my hearing loss and I am truely impressed with the quality of care and the quick appiontments. 18 years ago when I first retired they had many hoops to jump thru it has changed alot for the better and it was not the Democrats that made it better. I use my civilian insurance "By Law" before Tricare.

I look forward to McCain being able to pass clean Veterans bills that help Veterans, without the welfare and minimum wage or other attachments on it.

But everyone is welcome to their opnion. If you are unhappy with my view you can remove me from "YOUR" political forum. That would be my preference.
I have to admit when I could be wrong. After about an hour I have found that McCain is truely evil. The web sites KOS, huffing ton post, MSNBS, VN vets against McCain, Iraqi vets against MC, AFLCIO and more all say bad things so it all must be true. It posted on the web.

I'll stick with what Ive seen by voting records and the reason most bills are voted against by McCain.

Veterans are a unique group of men and women. They have served! I'd like to see how to use the system to maximize the resources available. How to propose positive things that can be done to make the system better and more responsive to Veterans with needs.
I agree this a waste of a Saturday. It rain here today so kinda stuck inside did unload a large load of firewood. Reloaded 450 rounds .223. This first weekend off crutches since broke tib and fib in half Memorial day. Can be full weight bearing now. Still sore and stiff lost plenty of muscle but it is usable and will get better as used. Had plenty to catch up on.

I'm just very excited, finally, about this ticket I am looking for good things from this administration. I not wound up on Bush, he did keep us safe. I agree probably not need to go to Iraqi. But Sadass did need killing.
Canis-Lupis Thats a good list of John's thoughts and positions. It would be something if he can accomplish half of them. The ones he has accomplished has been a fight for him. I am looking for good things from him and Sarah. Both with young men in or about to enter the war zone. I think this will be our most vet friendly leadership in a long time.

All that said I believe our 2nd admen is in the most danger if Barack gets in.
While I understand your frustration with McCain's voting record on Vet issues, Harvey points out that the bills that McCain voted against had been so laden down with earmarks or conditions as to be more harmful to all, than good to a few (us Vets). During the VP debate for example, Biden mentioned that McCain voted against a funding bill for the troops. I found this hard to believe, so I started digging. What I found was that McCain was in favor of the funding, but couldn't vote for the clause that included a withdrawal date. Since our Legislators are only allowed to vote on the complete, as-presented bill, he did vote No on a troop funding bill. Concerning alternate fuels he didn't vote against alternate fuel research, he voted against government funding of that research. Why should we fund BP's (or others) research and development of alternatives and then pay full cost for the finished product? Ethanol fuel without government subsidies would cost $4 per gallon and is less efficient than gas, but the Dems passed Global Warming legislation requiring that a % of the fuel sold by oil companies has to be Ethanol. So, we have the government paying a subsidy to produce each gallon, and a mandate requiring that more be produced and sold.

I personally think McCain is a Democrat that isn't honest enough to admit it, but he's a much better, or more likely candidate than the alternatives.
Bashing and facts

Understanding our system of government is a key issue for all of us. I dislike seeing good bills voted against because of stupid and or pork attachments. But considering the consequences when voted for, such as the recent "bailout bill" and the extra millions of dollars attached to it, at least I can understand it. Not like it!

Has anyone seen the Obama ad where a young vet says Mccain voted against a particular vet bill concerning the GI bill, even though the government paid for Mccain's education. Apparently, the Obama compain is not aware that Mccain went to Annapolis, and in that agreement, he paid back his education by serving four years in the Navy.

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