McCain Add you will never see on TV

I guess for me it's the 'unrepentant' part that's most troubling. He still think he was right, and Obama will not strongly criticize that and at least separate himself from Ayers because the "former" terrorist wishes he'd caused more death and destruction.

Over the years I've worked with people who have killed others while driving drunk, people who've been released from prison (some who really deserved the death penalty) and others in similar circumstances. One thing you find in all of them is regret, sorrow, and at least some determination to become a better person.

None of that attitude is evident in people who support 'that' side of the political spectrum. :sad:
He was and is a traitor. What then does that make a follower of his that wants to be President? Or for that matter those that know all this and still plan on voting for him?
What a jackass

This guy needs some loving and caressing with a baseball bat to help him work out his inner feelings

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