Maybe there is slight hope for IL


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There are at least some people who believe handgun carry could help IL.
I doubt they will ever convince the rest of IL, but maybe there is hope.

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State needs concealed carry law, not county

By Chuck Sweeny
Posted May 17, 2008 @ 08:39 PM
When Winnebago County Board member Randy Olson, R-1st, asked me what I thought of a concealed carry proposal he and Doug Aurand, D-3rd, planned to present to the board, I said I had no problem with the concept. Forty-eight states allow people to carry concealed weapons under certain circumstances. Only Illinois and Wisconsin do not.

To qualify for a permit, I’d want people to be American citizens without significant criminal records, and I’d require them to take and pass a firearms training course.

They‘d have to take refresher courses in gun safety every three years. Their names would be on a statewide, searchable database and their driver’s licenses would indicate that they were permitted to carry concealed weapons. I’d be pretty strict about it.

So, if liberal states like Massachusetts, New York and California have concealed carry laws and nobody‘s raising a ruckus over it, the idea can’t be that controversial.

Besides, the bad guys are packing heat already, so maybe this would level the playing field.

However, this is a decision for the General Assembly and the governor to make. I‘m pretty sure Winnebago County can’t pass its own concealed carry law. If counties could do that, Illinois would have a patchwork of laws in all 102 counties, some with concealed carry, some without, and all having different regulations.

In short, we’d have chaos. So, if the Winnebago County Board wants to pass a resolution urging the state legislature to pass a concealed carry bill, that’s fine with me.

But going beyond that, such as trying to deputize residents to make them eligible to carry hidden guns, is not only impractical, it would not withstand the inevitable court challenge. And we don’t want tax dollars spent defending the indefensible.

That does sound like some good news. We also have some good news in Michigan at Calvin collage they are going to let safety personnel start carrying this fall. will update later have to go to work.:icon_great: of course they must be trained.
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It might happen in parts of the state but as long as King Dailey is on the throne in Chicago I doubt if anybody but the police and the criminals will be allowed guns there.
Put a fence around it and let them have it. Send in snake pliskin, and all the other movie tough guys and girls.
Hail to King Richard

With King Richard on the throne, the Crook (Cook) County commandos at the helm and Barack O'Bama picked as the heir apparent. It is my opinion that the Peoples Republic of Illinois will remain a total cess pool until the sheeple finally figure out who the wolf is really biting and vote that bunch of nincompoops out!!! Starting with King Richard, Governor Rod and heir apparent Barack!!!
I won't hold my breath on Illinois adopting concealed carry anytime soon. It's nice to know that there are people living there who are aware of the constitution and what it says, but unfortunately, there aren't enough of them in the state legislature and the governor's mansion to even consider it.
well that sure would be nice if they got with the rest of the nation... for crying out loud just try it out and see how much it effects the crime rate... in a good way of course..
From what my friends in the Chicago area tell me, nothing will happen until they clean up all the polititions in Chcago, (Cook County). Cause that's where the political clout is.

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